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Tao of Food Preparation Recipes
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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

2012: Redefining The Sattvik Diet Part 34 Day 73

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According to Wikipedia,
Sentient Diet

sattvic diet, also referred to as a yoga diet or sentient diet, is a diet based on foods which, according to AyurvedaYoga, and Jainism, are strong in the sattva guna, and lead to clarity and equanimity of mind while also being beneficial to the body.
Such foods include watercereal grainslegumesvegetablesfruitsnuts, unpasteurized and unhomogenized milk and milk derivatives (mostly ghee, but also buttercream,cheese, and yogurt), and raw honey.

Redefining The Sattvik Diet
Sounds like: Sat - Vive  K- nowledge
(Self A-s 'I' in separa-T-ion from all T-hat is here is trying to be di-V-ine through ones d-I-et not K-nowing or realizing self is all life )
A Diet that is based from knowledge and information separate from oneself - where one believes that certain foods have negative,  neutral or positive energy that can affect the mind (the mind which one separated oneself from), and the body ( the body which one separated oneself from) - a vegetarian diet without onions, garlic, eggs etc. believing it is harmful for both mind and body- not realizing that this is a belief - and when lived manifest what one believes as if it is real - when it isn't because it was created in ones mind.It has no real physical existence.

One lives according to ones beliefs where one manipulates oneself and manifests those beliefs - where one separates from the the food item one eats - as one identifies as the ego-personality - perceiving oneself separate from all that exist - existing in an unequal monetary system - where plants and animals are killed for food and profit - realizes through ones process of self-perfection that one is equal to all that exist - so a diet that is without sugar - realizing that sugar stimulates the mind (realizing one is equal to ones mind)- eats food that the body accepts and does not eat food that the body rejects (realizing that one is equal to ones body) - until we do not need to kill plants and animals to survive - in a world that is based on equality.

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