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Tao of Food Preparation Recipes
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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

2012: Redefining Raw Food Part 28 Day 67

Redefining Raw Foodism
According To Wikipedia, raw foodism is:
Raw foodism (or rawism) is the practice of consuming uncooked, unprocessed, and often organic foods as a large percentage of the diet.
(R A W - F O O-d D-ish the I S M)
It is the practice of consuming uncooked unprocessed food as a large percentage of the diet - such as vegetabels, nuts, seeds, grains etc. It includes food heated below 104-118 degrees Farenheit - where food is perceived separate from oneself and raw food is given a positive value - while cooked food is given a negative value - as one experiences food according to one's beliefs

When we charge the words we use with positive or negative value - the mind uses energy. When we participate in energetic positive or negative experiences - the mind uses energy. The mind  feeds off the body -transforming substance/physical to mind energy. This is not assisting the body. This is taking from the body whatever we gave it to support its survival . This is how we abuse the body within our mind participation.

Realizing we are equal to all that exist - through the process of self-perfection -  as all are made from the same substance all  are made of. 

Assists the body as per what the body communicates it needs - as what all the cells need - realizing that the body is equal to all that exist.

'As within so without'. While we mine the body for energy, in the outside world, this is also happening as we exist in an unequal monetary system, we kill plants and animals for food and profit - transforming substance/physical/life as the lives of plants and animals are being taken for food and profit.

Stops defining oneself within knowledge and information - stops believing  outrageous claims regarding health and food. Stops judging food in all ways - and instead of the mind deciding for the body - we allow the body to decide for itself.

Seeing that we have to deconstruct our mind patterns through self-forgiveness and reconstruct through commitment to self correction to birth ourselves to stand for what is best for all in all ways.

Assisting in establishing a world based on equality - where we can develop food that will benefit all - researched and investigated by people who are not doing it for profit- we birth ourselves and birth a world where we will not have to kill to survive - where plants and animals are not being killed for food and profit - and all  live as equals.

Guide for Redefining Words :

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