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Saturday, July 14, 2012

2012: 'Who Am I?' The ' I Know Better' Character I Chose To Become Day 92

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The 'I Know Better' Character 


I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to define myself within the ' i know better' character - and judge someone as more than me and me less than myself believing that that person  has more information than me about a subject - and then believe that - that person is less than me - judging that person in another situation as less than me and me more than myself - believing that i have more information than that person- about another subject.- defining myself within knowing and not knowing - an illusion i created in my mind - an alternate reality removed from the real reality of what is here -as the physical flesh that is who i am - based on seeking the 'moreness of me' within the accumulation of more information and knowledge that makes me feel good - defining myself within an experience from the past - a memory.

I realize that this is me defining myself within information and knowledge separate from me - where i seek the accumulation of positive experiences by believing i have more information than another and do the opposite which is judge myself less than another believing i have less information than another - regarding a subject - fearing losing that position of power - having more knowledge and information than another - defining myself within knowing and not knowing.
Self Commitment
I commit to delete this 'i know better' character - as desires, beliefs, judgments  etc. within and as my mind and let go of the separation -as desires etc. that exist within and as my mind - and stand with the physical in every breath that i take - by changing my starting point and slowing myself down, correcting my posture - and saying 'i am here' until i am sure that i am really here.

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