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Tao of Food Preparation Recipes
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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

2012 'What Does It Mean To Step Out of CHARACTER?' Part 3 Day 81

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I am  stepping out of character 
I am stopping participation within positive and negative experiences of happiness and sadness, love and hate, inferiority and superiority, beauty and ugliness, feeling good and feeling bad, success and failure etc.

The Basis of the Decision:

The character is directed by the mind - as ones positive and negative energetic experiences, beliefs, judgments etc. becomes the driving force behind everything one says, writes and do. The self is not here. The character is here, trapped within ones words - which one charged with a positive or negative value. Fear of losing ones accumulated positive experience, the character seeks out positive experiences in the environment  - to win, within an illusion that one is competing with everything and everyone and in the process support other characters who compete with each other and create a world based on competition - as consumerism etc. - which we have now.

The Change:
From: Character (Separation) awareness   
To:Real awareness of who i am - as all LIFE 

From: Creation of character (Separation)
To: Recreating who i am as the character - that stands for/as what is best for ALL LIFE

From: An accumulation of positive experience ( an illusion of what is HERE )        
To: What is HERE - as breath - as All Life

From: Defining Myself within words with positive or negative charge
To: Redefining my words to express me as who i am - as all life

The Self-direction:

To Birth Me Here as Life - as The Character that stands for what is best for all Life using self-forgiveness and self commitment to correct myself in every moment of breath - from a starting point of what is best for me - to a starting point of what is best for all - realizing the commonsense that what is best for all is essentially what is best for me..

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