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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

2012:Redefining The 'I': ' I' Connected To June Roca : SC : Part 10 Day 88

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In my blog before this one, i saw that i separated from the letter 'I' by connecting/defining  the letter 'I' to/within the words  June Roca and that i also charged the 'I' with a positive value - where i see the letter 'I' as more than myself - not realizing i am equal to all manifestations/expressions  that exist.

 I also did self-forgiveness for doing that, which i am sharing here:

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to connect the letter 'I' to the words June Roca
I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to define the letter 'I' within the words June Roca
In this blog, i  will share my realization, self-correction and self- commitment to stopping me as the character - perceived separate from all - and birth me here as a character that is equal to all that exist - standing for what is best for all.

I realize that the letter 'I' represents who i perceive myself to be as who i am in the present moment as the 'who am i?' character- perceived separate from all  - desiring/seeking the accumulation of positive energy experiences as an excuse to survive as one who needs positive energy experiences to feel alive as the character  - perceiving to have an identity, an origin, a relationship, an opinion etc. - an illusion that i existed as -  to justify my existence as energy - transforming the physical to energy for the mind to use in its accumulation of positive experiences - which eventually runs out - repeating this cycle over and over again - until the body eventually dies - as i abuse the physical body.

Self- correction:
When and as i see myself connect/ define the letter 'I' to/within the words June Roca - i stop and breathe. I change my starting point  from one that is being directed by the  positive energy experience of the letter 'I' connected to the word June Roca  - to the letter I - as an expression of who i am as self here.

I commit myself to delete  the pictures as desires - as the accumulated positive  energy experiences - through connecting/defining the letter 'I' to/within the words June Roca within and as myself and letting go of separation as this desire within and as myself and standing clear with/as  the physical in every breath that i take. I am here.

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