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Tao of Food Preparation Recipes
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Saturday, July 28, 2012


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      WHO AM I?
Redefining the Word 'Where'

According to the Dictionary, 'Where' means:
in or at what place?

in or at what place? - referring to the the particular portion of space defined by movable dimensions of space which our senses determine by its position to bodies - perceived separate from oneself - as the physical - created within and as our mind defined by time separated within past, present and future -  where one exist to survive in a world that is based on inequality.

Realizes through the process of self-prefection - that all are equal to all that exist - as all came from the same substance all are made of 

Redefines the word  'where' as - in or at what place? - that place that is - equal to who one is- as the physical  - as the breath in every moment HERE. Everywhere is HERE.

Sees the commonsense that the outside mirrors what is within -  assists in establishing a world that truly honors life based on equality
Redefining The Question, 'Where Am i?'

Asking a question about the place one is in or at - referring to oneself as separate from all - where one sees that one is in planet earth - in this physical existence - defining oneself according to ones positive and negative experiences  - separated within the past, present and future - existing in an economic system that is based on inequality - desiring for a positive experience of oneself - looks for the 'moreness' of oneself within being able to be in a place that is not here but somewhere out there somewhere.

Realizes through the process of self-perfection that all are equal to all that exist - as all came from the same substance all are made of

Seeing/Realizing and understanding the commonsense that 'where am i?' is a question one asks oneself - about where one is, as the character one created  - within/as ones mind - a place that is somewhere other than here - and seeing one is desiring to go somewhere out there other than here - directs oneself breath by breath moment by moment -deconstructing ones patterns using self-forgiveness for accepting and allowing oneself to exist in an alternate reality within/as ones mind - and committing to correct oneself to reconstruct oneself - to birth oneself as a real character  - assisting self in bringing self back to here - to where one is - in/as this physical existence - as the physical - as the BREATH in every MOMENT HERE. Everywhere is HERE.

Looking at the commonsense that what is 'without' mirrors what is 'within' - and what is 'within' mirrors what is 'without' - assists in establishing a world that is based on equality -as all life - until life is here forevermore.

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