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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

2012:Redefining the 'I' In 'Who Am I? Character Part 8 Day 86 The 'I' as the Character as All Characters In This World

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Redefining The 'I'
According To The Dictionary, the 'I' is

the nominative singular pronoun, used by a speaker in referring to himself or herself.

Redefining the 'I'

The 'I' is a letter used by the speaker or writer to refer to oneself - separate from everything and everyone - separate from the plant, the humans, the animals and other manifestations in this world.

This is a limited definition where one as the 'I' - as the character - act within self-interest - driven to survive in a world based on inequality - always seeking for the 'moreness of oneself' within accumulated positive energy - as one defines oneself within positive and negative energetic experiences as memories - fearing losing oneself as the character -  an illusion.

One looks at the world one is existing in/as - based on inequality - and sees the consequence of separation and living from the starting point of self-interest.

Realizing through ones process of self-perfection, that one is equal to all that is here as the substance/physical - forgives oneself and commits to correct oneself and birth oneself to stand for what is best for all.

*The I is a letter used by a speaker or writer in referring to oneself - standing equal to all that exist - humans, plants, animals etc. - where one forgives oneself for separating oneself from another and corrects oneself in every moment of breath - standing for what is best for all - as ALL LIFE.

Assisting oneself through blogging and vlogging to stop oneself from always desiring/seeking the 'moreness' of oneself and births oneself as that which stands for what is best for all life

As one realizes 'as within so without', assists in creating a world based on equality -  as plants, animals, humans and other manifestations/expressions living as equals- - until all is free and life is here forevermore.

Redefining Words:
'I' as the Character

This ‘character-creation’ of ourselves originated from and of the moment we as substance separated ourselves into and as an innumerable amounts of manifested-singularities, where substance took on the character of “There Must be MORE than ME, there must be MORE than ME as HERE”.  And so within the creation/manifestation of that character from and of itself – Substance accordingly manifested/created the embodiments/manifestations of that character from, within and as itself that manifested as the MORE of itself as all the manifested/accumulated manifested-singularities into and as which it separated itself creating/manifesting the Illusion of MORE. And so separated itself from HERE into and as the accumulation of and as Energies from the negative, to the neutral and to the positive the MORE it separated itself from itself as HERE.
Thus, this Illusion of MORENESS manifested the MORE it separated itself from Itself and HERE. And so, substance as ourselves created/manifested our/its first Character embodiments/manifestations

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that the character I build, is the Character I play in the Story of my Life, looking for an Audience to Love my character so that my character can be Validated by someone else, because then I can also Believe that my character is Real: as it must be Real if someone else can see my character and Love it - but if you dare to Not Accept my character, I will hate you, because you do not Love what I love – my character – as the character of me I created as my Memory, which creates me as a Character, and so I am in the Circle of my Life as My character, as my Memory, recreating myself as the character with Everything that defines me as character – over and over again, having the exact same experience as this character until I decide to create a New Character which will follow the exact same pattern, ending with me as the Character in my Memory, where the memory creates Me. Thus, if my Memory creates me, is my Memory God?

I commit myself to be the One that takes on the Character of Each One Here as their Ego, and to destroy the Memory that created the Character so that the Real One may step forth and See the Real Mess being Created so we can sort out the Mess on Earth we have created together, while lost as characters in our own Illusion of Memory.



All of us are walking around like zombies – following the thoughts in our minds and putting on the suites of the characters as our minds guide us to the next suite to wear and the next and the next. Yet all this time we are trapped within and as our mind were we are trying to live out the thoughts as characters that come up within and as ourselves. We fight for the survival of our characters as ‘it is mine’, ‘it is who I know myself as’ and ‘nothing you can say or do will change that’ is the backchat that arises when the suite as characters are challenged within and as self.
We have moments of opportunities to dent our characters to allow ourselves and another as ourselves to stop living as characters and to allow ourselves to take a breathand be here within and as the moment that is here. 

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