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Monday, December 3, 2012

Life Mathematics: Movement : Day 207 Experience:Thought Dimension

In this blog, l am looking at who i am in relation to Life
as per the word connection mathematics in my previous blog,  charging the word Life with a positive (+) and negative  (-) value

I am looking at the word 'movement' at this point and what thoughts come up when i hear this word

in relation to the word 'Life'

I am in my process of self-perfection

 to release myself 

from the positive and negative values

 i am giving the word 'Life'

I am writing a commitment to correction script

and I am applying the correction script 

in my breath by breath movement of myself 

in every moment 

 in his physical existence 

to birth myself as equal to Life


I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself

 to think

 that life is about movement 

of  hands

of legs

of mouth 

 of eyes

of muscles


believing that without movement 

life will not be life 

coming from my 'fear of being immobile'  as 'fear of death'

and within this one thought 

activate an entire personality/character 

not realizing i am here as breath 

moving me 

moment by moment

 as i breath in

 as i pause

as i breath out

 as i pause


Commitment to Correction

I commit myself to when and as I see myself 

believing that Life is not possible

 without movement 

I stop 

I breathe

I realized

 I have separated myself from the word Life

connecting/defining  it to/within


giving a positive value to 'movement' as i perceived this as giving me 'happiness' as i connected/define it to/within the word 'life'

giving a negative value to 'no movement' as this give me 'sadness' as i connect/define it to/within 'death'

not realizing that 

i see through my mind's eyes

seeing pictures 

which i give meaning to

within and as my mind

as i form a relationship

to it

according to the value i give it

as i experience it as

a positive, neutral or a negative

within my mind

The Mathematics of Giving A Mind Value  vs  Giving Value Equal to Life

Giving a positive (+) or a (-) negative value 

as mind values

 based on self-interest

as i desire/want 'happiness'

for myself

coming from 'fear of sadness and death'

without considering 

I am part of this ONE LIFE

equal to all that is here

giving the following mind values to words:

as i connect/define words to/within other words

'Movement = Life' = Happiness = +10'

'No Movement =  Death = Sadness = -10'

not seeing the real value of all that is here as equal to Life

Movement = Life

No Movement = Life

as Life is not defined by movement

expressing/manifesting who one is 

being and doing what one is allocated to do

for what is best for all life


never really seeing

the real value of 

all that is here

as equal to 


So i am assisting myself

to accept and allow myself 

to see through my physical/substance eyes 

the equality of all that is here


the body/physical/substance as equal to 

the body/physical/substance of nature

the body/physical/substance of animals

the body/physical/substance of plants

the body/physical/substance of matter

where movement of these equal bodies/physicals/substance(s)

has a value equal to Life

where even without movement these equal bodies/physicals/substance(s)

has a value equal to Life


Movement to evolve oneself

within a 'positive mind energy experience'

running away from a

'negative mind energy experience'

living to get what i desire to be happy

and running away from myself

is me as the mind as who i have become

 as the reverse of L-I-F-E

 which is E-V-I-L

working for my own happiness within self-interest

and helping others to be happy within self-interest

is me separating myself from who i am

as all LIFE

where real movement

is expressing me here

moving me as breath

standing for what is best for all Life

Living a Real definition/Redefinition of Life

and use the word

as equal to my spoken and written expression

From Life 

as LI-e F-or positive, neutral and negative E-nergy

To Life

as LI-ve self-F-orgiving E-nergy standing for what is best for all


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