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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Guru Mathematics 2 Day 231 Surrender: Fear: Survival: Postponement


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Topic: Self-forgiving me and correcting me in an equal and one standing as the mind and stopping participation in the mind system within to birth me here as equal to/as all Life
Specific Point: My Mind Relationship with the Guru
Using Mathematics:
I am using mathematical symbols to illustrate how i gave mind values instead of giving  real values as the value of every form is/as equal to Life itself



I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself 

to participate in the design of/as 

'fear of surviving - as knowledge and information'

fear not having enough information and knowledge like the guru
so surrendered to the 'guru'

believing he is superior

as he said he can see his devotees' thoughts, the devotees past, present and future

believing him

believing i am inferior

as i can only see my past and present

but cannot see  my future

so, gave up on myself and surrendered to the guru's

perceived 'power'

believing that because i am 'powerless' to

see the future

i have to have a 'guru' that sees the future

instead of realizing i am making

the past as the future in the present

when i time travel in compartments within my mind

never here

so cannot directly see what is here

as all that is here in this moment

as all the events in the history of this physical existence

so instead of stopping and birthing me here as the physical

and directly see the condition of all that is here in this physical existence

 in/as the 'holding moment' of every breath

i  instead surrendered to the 'guru'

not realizing that the guru can only see the future

because he is part of the grid

that is pre- programmed

like a seed

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to NOT ask myself these
 commonsensical questions to see my starting point in wanting to surrender to a guru:

 1. What fear is driving me to want/desire to surrender to a 'guru'?
2.Why am i asking the guru to take responsibility in my behalf  - why am i giving up on myself?
3. Why am i postponing my own standing as who i am as life?

and self-honestly see the answers to these questions:

1. Fear of taking self-responsibility for all parts of me as all life
2. The mind as me, within self-sabotage - as who i have become, as a program, as a system
3. Fear of facing the consequence of what i have done - believing it is difficult to take responsibility for all as me

*not seeing the common sense  that  i have to face the consequence

of what i have accepted and allowed and correct myself in my living

*not seeing the common sense that there is no other easy way out

*not seeing that the 'guru' himself was downloaded the genes of his parents

therefore he is also part of the system

*not seeing that he himself trapped himself within the past, present and future as time

*not seeing that because my starting point is fear - fear was driving me

not directing me here as self as who i am - lost in an alternate reality within my mind

within a mind awareness - not here as the real awareness

self-directing me as who i am

Mathematics of Giving Positive and Negative Values
Giving Values Equal to Life

I realized

 i gave a positive value to the guru

as i believed he can see the future


 the guru  was given a value more than life

guru = knows what will happen  in the future = superior = powerful

= positive energy experience

 = +10


a devotee/as myself cannot see the future

 powerless to see the future

= negative energy experience 

= -10

not realizing that 

these mind values are NOT REAL

i made them up within my mind

based on my fear of not knowing the future

uncertain of who i will become

not realizing that

i can direct myself to stop 

stopping time travelling within different compartments in my mind

and birthing me here as who i am as life

realizing the body/physical/substance
is equal to the body/physical/substance of nature
is equal to the body/physical/substance of plants
is equal to the body/physical/substance of animals

as they all consist of atoms consisting of substance
of/as Life

and so, 
Redefining the word FUTURE

F-reedom as U-se of physical struc-TURE 
standing for what is best for all

 leading to the sequence of events 
that births life here forevermore 

as I simply live  as who i am 

equal to all that is here

using words as equal to my expression 


Commitment to Correct Myself 

I commit myself to when and as i see myself
fearing not having enough information and knowledge 
about the future 
or fear not seeing the future 

I stop

I breathe

I  assist myself to bring myself back to what is here

as the breathe

referencing the moment

as i move me

as i direct me here in every moment

I commit myself to assist myself to accept and allow me to see directly the

condition/state of all in this physical existence

in every 'holding moment'

and moving and changing with/as all that is here

in every in-breath and out-breath

I commit myself to be with my physical heartbeat

feeling the pulse of the physical

until i become the pulse of life

living as a living example

and as i birth myself - birth life here

to stay here forevermore

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