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Monday, December 31, 2012

Guru Mathematics 3: Longing Part 1: Day 232 Redefining 'GURU'Location: Family: Postponement

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Topic: Self-forgiving me and correcting me in my living application standing equal with the mind and stopping participation to birth me here as equal to/as all Life
Specific Point: My Mind Relationship with the Guru

What is Self-forgiveness?

Why am i using Mathematics?
I am using mathematical symbols to illustrate how i gave mind values instead of giving  real values as the value of every manifestation is equal to the value that is Life 

The Dimensions of the Mind:

Fear as The Base Platform of the Mind

Fear: Fear of not being able to go to India and see the guru

Thought : picture of me standing with wide eyes listening to the monk telling me i have to see Baba (the guru)
Imaginationme feeling something different when i see him
Reaction: wonder

Backchat: 'there must be some magical feeling being with the guru'

Body Movement: upper part of chest feeling warm. eyes opening wide

Consequence: learning from how i developed a relationship with the guru  - within existing as an energy experience  that i believed was real when it is in fact existent within a relationship that is coming from a MIND simulated version of reality as the physical body and this physical existence - so facing the consequence and breathing through it as i stand and change and birth me here as who i am

Intoducing The Quantum Mind
Introducing The Quantum Mind System(Systemization)



I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself

 to participate in the design of/as

 'fear of surviving -as divinity - as space and time'

to fear not being able to go to India and see the guru
believing i have to see the guru to be a real 'devotee'

so gave the money 
that was given to me by my ex-husband
to a monk 
hoping i can go to India

and 'did what was asked for me to do' 
to be able to see him in India

like a hypnotized walking human 
in an alternate reality

within my mind

where i am an alternate version of me

leaving my kids behind

with just a maid to care for them

when my ex-husband was about to fly back home

from working from another country

i am secretly plotting to fly to another country to see the guru
believing that he will not approve of this

believing that if i 
 in telling him the truth
 i will not have to fear his anger
i will not have to fear having a disagreement

 i will be able to do what i desire/want

believing that i can 
face my ex-husband
face his anger when i return home
 face the disagreement

believing by then, i already did what i want to do
 or that which i desire to do  so i win that way

believing the divine love that binds me and the guru
is more than the love that binds me to my family
as i saw the monks leave their family to be with the guru

the evil me running away from what is here
to go somewhere out there

believing India is a location that i have to be 

believing the guru is special

so i must to go to India  

to get a positive energy mind  experience

not realizing that
India's soil is made of the same substance 
the soil in the Phippines is made of  

believing the guru is superior and i am inferior
believing that the guru has power to see the future and i don't

not seeing and realizing
that my mind is like a computer
storing information and memories 
from the past 
and living the past as the future in the present

instead of realizing that my guru can see the mind's 
perception of the future - as the past in the present
as he sees through his mind's eyes
 events in a timeline 
that is like a seed
that is pre-programmed

and never asked the question:
 Is him and me part of a pre- programmed seed?
Is him and me part of an interconnected system 
Is him and me part of the grid?
Is everyone/everything a seed, that is pre-programmed 
within space and time? 

believing what the monk said
 accepting what she said as my truth

 connecting what she said with other 
positive energy experiences i had in the past

like when i visited  the city when i was a child
like when i ate peanut butter from the jar
like when i took a shower under the rain with my cousins 
 happy, enjoying myself, shouting and laughing
like the time when we  visited malls 
where my mom bought me food that i like

as memories within my mind
within positive (and negative) energy experiences

making the past as the future in the present

separate from what is here as the physical
out there in the FUTURE other than HERE

instead of realizing all is HERE

in this moment

i only have to stop participating in my mind
and stay with the physical
and be who i am as breath here in every moment

self-forgiving who i have become as the mind
 and correcting myself in my living application
and birth me here as who i am
equal to - all life


Mathematics of giving Mind Values 
Giving Values Equal to Life

 I realized that had given a mind value more than Life 
to the Guru
 and to where he lives, India

Guru = special
India = where the guru lives

Guru = special
India's soil  = special
Guru = +10
India's soil = +10

Me = not special
Me = lives in the Philippines

Me = -10
Philippines (where i was then) = -10

Me = not special
Philippines = not special
Philippine soil = -10

*therefore i want to go to India
not realizing
 these are mind values 
which are not real
as i made them up in my mind 
not seeing and realising 
the real value 
of all that is here as Life
not seeing the common sense that
India's soil is made of the same substance
 the soil in the Philippines is made of
India's soil = Life
Philippine soil = Life 

'Family Love and Divine Love'

I realized i had given a mind value to 'Divine Love' 

'Guru's Love = divine love= +20
Family's Love = mundane Love = +10

Divine love
 = love that endures after death as the guru liberates me from bondage of birth and death

 Family's love
 = limited to love in this physical existence therefore love that binds
= +10'

Blaming the physical/substance

 for giving the guru more value

and giving my ex-husband and kids lesser value 

not realizing it is me as the evil me
giving  manifestations mind values 

not realizing love as an emotion that is the polarity opposite of 
fear is not real as fear and love are like 2 poles of a magnet

not realizing that 
my guru's body/physical/substance 
is equal to my ex-husband's  body/physical/substance 
is equal to my kid's body/physical/substance  
is equal to my body/physical/substance
 is equal to the body/physical/substance of nature
is equal to the body/physical/substance of animals
is equal to the body/physical/substance of plants

so for me to give all the real value that is  equal to Life


Commitment to Correction

I commit myself to when and as i see myself 
fearing not being able to go to India and see the guru 
or not being able to go anywhere which i believed is special
because of a personality which i believed is special

I stop
I breathe

I realise that i connected the guru to 
being special 
as he is able to see the future
believing he is able to give me eternal life 
or liberate me from my samaskara or karma

so connected his specialness
 to the place he was residing, India 

not realizing that these connections i did within my mind
an alternate reality
where i am an alternate version of me

so i assist myself to release myself from these 

and redefine the word 'guru' 

I commit myself to assist myself to through writing, self-forgiveness and 
self-correction in my living application 
birth me here as who i am 
Redefining the Word 'GURU'

( sounds like Go  RU-sh, Go RU-n)

G-o  to  yo-U-r teache-R and U-rge him/her for a positive energy experience

G-o be yo-U-r  own teache-R and U-sher a life based on equality 

Note: The other mind dimensions will follow

To Be Continued

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