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Monday, December 3, 2012

When am I? Day 209 Redefining Time: Redefining When

In this blog, l am looking at who i am in relation to  'When am i?'
where i exist as a personality within dimensional shifts within compartments in my mind

I am using self-forgiveness, writing a self-correction script and committing myself to apply me in my practical living application


I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself 

to define myself within time 

thinking within the

 past, present and future 


where my memory of me

 in the past

as the mind character 

as happy/successful

or sad/failure

influence the way i see myself, others and this world

seeing through the mind's eyes 

time travelling 

as i jump within the compartments of my mind

as i think, imagine, have internal conversations/backchat

within my mind

viewing myself, others and this world

at this moment

based on the past


where i see myself 

through my mind eyes

as who i have become

as the mind character/personality

within the 'present'

as i define myself within time

as to my state of mind

whether i am 'happy or sad'

whether i am 'peaceful or stressed'

whether i am 'good or not'

whether i have 'money or not'

whether i am 'successful or not'


where i see myself evolving 

as a self-realized mind character/personality

like the gurus 

who are mind characters 

projecting an evolution

 that is only possible through the mind


the world is devolving

considering the abuse of nature, plants, animals and humans etc.

not seeing the common sense

that i create my 'within' and 'without'

and to self-realize as myself separate from all parts of me as Life

is self-interest 

self-interest being the opposite of 

real self-realization

as Self is all Life

and that 

to self-realize in a world of inequality

where some self-realize and some don't

is contrary to

the real meaning of Self as all Life

where the essential/basic requirement 

of self-realization is 

the equal and one living of all

 in this one LIFE

Commitment to Correction

I commit myself to when and as i see myself defining myself within time

 as the past, present and future

I stop

I breathe


I realize that i am 

defining myself within 

and as who i have become as the mind

imprisoned within different compartments of/as the mind

where when i see a person etc.

i time travel to different compartments 

as personality manifestation

within my mind

creating a mind character/personality within myself

in who i have become

as the different characters/personalities

i activate when with family, friends etc.

 as in

my character/personality with family

as my character/personality with friends

as my character/personality with school

as my character/personality with the environment

as my character/personality with the external environment

 my friend's mother/father 

 my teacher

extending to 

the first time i was introduced to money


i accepted and allowed

for the DNA of my parents to be downloaded into my physical form 

as my parents mind

and so the generation before them

copying they way they speak

copying the way they move etc.

turning out exactly like my parents

where i accepted and allowed me

 to personalize the mind

giving the illusion of uniqueness 

when in the background

interacting in the different compartments of the mind

as i think, imagine, have back chats

as i react and behave

as the different characters/personality that i have become

influenced by a person, event etc. 

making sure i develop this personality

so that in my living of this personality throughout my life

i will be always locked into/connected and aligned 

to this person/type of person with this environment/type of environment

with this activity/type of activity 

 at a young age

already existing in a DNA mind pre- programmed design

pre-programmed into my life experiences

which is why i prefer/like certain places/type of places or not

which is why i prefer/like certain person/type of person or not

which is why i prefer/like certain things and other things not

limiting myself totally or entirely to certain people

certain environment

certain activities

certain direction

because they are all personalities

that is in fact existent within myself 

and through the 18 years of my life 

i develop these personalities

and as i participate more and more with a particular human being

a particular environment

particular frames 

particular activities

the personality development can go both ways

developing a 'good relationship'

or 'bad relationship'

where when i develop good relationships 

it will facilitate my pre - programmed dna mind design

always aligning to human beings

with the same personality, behavior, communication

the same everything 

because my own internal personality is now aligned 

with this type of person

where i do not interact with certain kinds of people

preventing myself to 

 go out of alignment with my pre- programmed DNA mind design

developing a kind of personality that will resist 

these kind of people or activity 

 defining them as wrong/negative/scary/bad

and throughout my life make sure i do not participate in it

where i did not investigate my reactions 

not realizing my reactions towards others

because that's what people's always known

so my interaction with people, activities, manifestations, corporations etc.

has been defined from the context of time travelling

within myself in all of my interactions

where thoughts are like keys and dates i put in 

and my back chats/internal conversations

becoming the actual travelling

 i am doing

 through my subconscious mind 


and my personality emerge in my time dimension 

interacting with a human being in the past

recreating the past

over and over and over again

manifesting the past in this existence

where i haven't been going anywhere but backwards

seeing through the mind's eyes 

that humanity is evolving 

when there's poverty, murder, rape, abuse etc.

everything is getting worse but not seeing that reality

as i am looking through my mind's eyes

doing yoga, meditation, 

trying to become blissful everyday within my mind

so i will not see what is here

thinking it is too painful to see people suffering, being abused etc.

so created a belief/idea within my mind 

and manifested it as if it is real

as i feel blissful when i meditate

 forgetting the suffering 

telling myself 

the opposite of what is real 

as the evil me - within self-dishonesty

that this world is a beautiful divine place

an illusion that i have lived 

to not see what is here

as the evil me suppressing me

to see all parts of me as life

so i will not birth me as life 

within self-sabotage

 fearing of suffering, pain and non existing

not wanting to feel helpless, hopeless, valueless and meanigless

not realizing that stopping me as the mind 

is embracing all parts of me as Life and living as equal to all that is here

which is really the meaning of real self-realization

redefining difficulty, death, suffering, pain, non existence

redefining hopelessness, uselessness and meanilnglessness

standing tall

pulling myself up

as who i am is here

as breath

slowing myself down

as i breath in, pause, breath out, pause

expressing me as breath here

redefining words and using words as equal to my written and spoken expression

as i assist in establishing a world that is best for all

where i do not need a 'guru or a greater person' to do this for me/us

aware that i create my 'within' as the mind

aware that i create my 'without' as this world system

so it is about me 

stopping my mind participation 

and correcting myself

in my practical living application

in my 'within and without'

birthing me 

 birthing Life 



I commit myself to assist myself to look at my own thoughts, backchats etc.

walking back 

and look at what relationships i have formed in the past 

and see which developed my relationships now

releasing myself from being stuck in different time dimensions 

and be here living

realizing that i tried to find myself 

 in yoga and meditation 

but got lost within my mind

'basking in my mind created bliss'

alone in the recesses of my mind

as the evil me 

move in different dimensions within my mind as time

where the evil me 

as i, me and myself

work for my own survival 

 within my desire to'self-realize'/liberate the ego

believing the guru will give me liberation from the ego

as i see within my mind's eyes

within separation/mind awareness

only for my own happiness - within self-ineterest

as me, i and myself

with the excuse that  i have to liberate myself 

blaming this world and seeing it as mundane

and having the idea that there is a place somewhere out there

other than here

where i will go in the future

not realizing 

as i am locked in/as my thoughts, imaginations, backchats etc.

imagining the guru on top of my head while meditating

desiring to be blessed by the guru

reciting and singing the mantra 

to evolve me as the mind

manipulating my body through sound

and manifesting that as 'feeling of happiness and bliss'

doing yoga exercises to evolve my body and mind

manipulating my body through body postures

and manifesting that as 'feeling of wellness, peace and being stress-free'

to justify my 'desire to self-realize and liberate' within a mind awareness

as i, me and myself

within self-interest

as the evil me thinking i am divine, good etc.

thinking when i help/give to the poor

i will stop poverty and make this world a 'better place'

not realizing that i am supporting this word system of abuse and inequality

as i do that as i still use the electricity,  transportation etc. that is the product

of this world system of inequality

having the illusion 

i am evolving within all that i do

as i do what the guru said i have to do

not realizing its me as the mind character

fearing suffering/sadness/pain/death/not existing

desiring happiness/bliss/liberation from the ego

which i perceived the guru as able to do

within a promise which i defined as a way out

'a promise of release from my pain, suffering and death'

running away from my fears

looking at the guru through my mind's eyes

animating an illusion

not realizing 

who i am

 is here 

in every moment

moving and expressing me 

as who i am as the breath in every moment


Assisting myself

I commit myself to assist myself to accept and allow me 

to stabilize me as breath 

finding real physical enjoyment

in who i am as breath here

moving myself in that in breath

 practicing becoming aware 

of everything of my physical body

 and then in the out breath 

expressing into the depths of the physical 

as the hereness of sound

as silence


I commit myself to redefine time and use it as equal to my written and spoken expression

From a mind definition of TIME as

TI-e me as the M-ind as positive, neutral and negative E-nergy
  perceiving  me, others and this world through dimensional shifts
creating a character/personality where i travel in time within my mind - an alternate reality that i use to evolve me as the character/personality as who i have become

To A Definition I Can Use as an Expression of who i am Here as

 T-ranscending the I as the mind as i M-ove me to s-E-lf remembrance
 forming an equal and one relationship with/as the physical
as who i am 
 referencing me as breath here
in this physical existence


I commit myself to redefine the word 'WHEN' and give it a meaning i can live as who i am 

from a mind definition as

WH-o i have become as E-nergy expoerie-N-cing me within time


W-ho i am as breath HE-re e-N-joying the physical breath 
as i reference the moment in this physical existence

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