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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Pacquiao, Boxing, Winning and The Typhoon In The Philippines: A Story of Survival

In the news:

Pacquiao, 34, a former champion in an unprecedented eight weight divisions, had sought to redeem himself against Rios in Macau after losing his last two fights.
The boxer, who has parlayed his sports fame into election to Congress and a fortune in commercial endorsements, had previously vowed not to let his countrymen down.
"This is not about my comeback," he said in the ring immediately after the verdict Sunday. "This is about my people's comeback from a natural disaster and a natural tragedy."


I grew up in the Philippines and had seen people evacuating their house, which is normally made of nipa and bamboo when there's a typhoon. 

I lived near the beach when i was young. After every typhoon, we shared stories with our neighbors and the story would normally be about how their house was damaged by the typhoon or how it survived the typhoon and where they got money to feed themselves during the typhoon. 

We stayed at home when there was a typhoon because roads were flooded, there's heavy winds, offices were closed and school was suspended. The farms were damaged. Farmers lose their crops which means they  lose their icome/money when there's a typhoon.

It's a story of survival.

A story that all of us share at some point in our life.

In boxing, the opponents consciously agree to inflict each other pain. They both agree to inflict harm to the body, consciously desiring to participate in a sport  that gives the  winner popularity, fame and money.

This is a story of survival too which is a parallel of/to what happens during a typhoon.

Just as heavy winds and floods damage crops, the blows to the body when participating in a boxing competition damage the functioning of the body, which is abuse of the body, damaging the very body that assist us to express ourselves here in this world.

Let's not forget that this world is a holographic universe. 

The question i ask myself is this:

Are typhoons the consequence of body abuse? 

Money coming from inflicting pain to the body is used to help the typhoon victims to support the body to survive

This does not make sense.

Pacquiao can help the victims of the typhoon in the Philippines through donations, but for how long?

Donations to those affected by the typhoon come only for a limited period of time. It is not geared to guarantee survival from birth to death. 

What makes sense to me is guaranteed survival for all, without needing to earn money from inflicting pain to the body, through boxing or any sport that harms the body.

What am i talking about?

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