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Friday, April 26, 2013

'Jesus Saved Me' : Story of A Student In My Cooking Class Day 283

I was talking to a student in my cooking class. He asked me if we could finish a conversation we started at the class. He told me his story of how Jesus saved him.

This Is A Timeline of What Happened To Him
(note: I was given permission to share his story)

>he lived in a city in Texas, and was making $17 per hour  (working in a mail order firm)
>>went to Dallas
>>>landed in a Shelter  and was offered free lodging for 7 days (only had 2 suitcases and $80)
>>>>applied for work
>>>>>after 2 weeks, no calls, no job offers
>>>>>>frustrated, knelt and prayed to Jesus
>>>>>>>got offered a job working as security for the Shelter in exchange for more free lodging
>>>>>>>>got a call to work at Target for $6.75 per hour
>>>>>>>>>stayed in that job for a year
>>>>>>>>>>left the job and started working with an insurance company doing customer service
>>>>>>>>>>>got $40.000/year salary
>>>>>>>>>>>>got $1,000 bonus
>>>>>>>>>>>>>felt he was established because he's got excess money, an apartment, a job
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>he believed Jesus saved him

When i looked at the timeline, i can see that this is not about Jesus. This is about what he did to get a job and  how he started from getting $17/ hr to $6.75 per hr to $14 per hour pay at work.

The question is, was it really Jesus who saved him?

or was it this?

>FEAR: fear of surviving -not having money to buy what he needs - not having a job
>>DESIRE: desiring to get a job
>>>Satisfying the Desire: got a job

Questions i would ask myself:

Was it Jesus that saved me?
If i did not apply for a job, will i get a job?
If i did not have the skills, will i get a good job?
If i did not get that $80, will i be able to apply for a job or buy food to eat so i can have strength to walk or ride going to the job site?
If the Shelter was not there to provide a restroom for me to clean myself, would i be able to clean myself and
dress up to apply for a job or be present in the job interview?

I asked my partner who also believed that 'Jesus saved him' in the past when he was a Christian

This Is The Timeline of What Happened:
His Story

> he prayed to Jesus to talk to people who also believed in Jesus at work
>>1 woman in his job talked to him about donating to a Christian charity
>>>he donated $25 to the charity
>>>>he got to talk to this woman about the Christian charity
>>>>>>he believed Jesus answered his prayer

Was it really Jesus who answered his prayer?

Or was it this?
>FEAR: fear of surviving -fearing not having someone to talk to at work about Jesus
>>DESIRE: desiring to have someone to talk to at work about Jesus
>>>Satisfying the Desire: having someone to talk to at work about Jesus

Questions i would ask myself?
Will i get her to talk to me if she did not need to get someone to donate money to the charity?
Will we have communication flowing if i did not donate the money?


I was also a Christian in the Past
Here's The Timeline of What Happened:
My Story of How 'I Believed Jesus Saved Me'

>my son needed to have an operation
>>I prayed - for the operation to be successful
>>>the operation was successful
>>>>I believed Jesus saved my son

Was it really Jesus who saved my son?

Or was it this ?
>FEAR: fear of surviving without a son (fear that he will die in the operation)
>>the doctor operated on my son (minor operation)
>>>DESIRE: for Jesus to save him - I prayed to Jesus to save him
>>>>Satisfying the Desire: the operation was successful
>>>>>I believed Jesus saved him

Questions i would ask myself ?
Will the operation be successful if the doctor did not study how to operate on the body?
Will my son survive  if we did not have money to pay for the operation?
A program directing me/you/us?
>>>Satisfying the Desire

The Problem
The Solution and the Reward
And so we have a System, a System that is Individually Centred, within each Human – as their Own Unique Code, the Book of Life, which is Ensures that: No One gets Out, No One Finds Life; and everyone that Looks at the World, do Not Look at the World as it Really Exists – you only Look at the World through your Designed Encryption and through the Feelings that you have Accepted and Allowed. And what you See is Measured according to these Feelings, and when you ‘Feel Good’ about it, then you do it – if you ‘Feel Bad’ about it, you stay away from it. You Never Challenge the System, because from your perspective – ‘everything is exactly the way it should be’.
And Each System, that’s Decrypting – need to be Corrected, need to be Taken-out of its Position of Control, it Needs to be Forgiven, Understood, from All Dimension so that it cannot occur again

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