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Monday, April 15, 2013

The Mind of The Employer and The Employee Day 276

What Is The Similarity between the Employer's Mind and The Employee's Mind?

Let's have a REAL Look at Their Fears and Desires: 

The Employer
>Fear of surviving - fear of not making money 
>>Desires for opportunities to make more money to get to a bigger income/profit
>>>analyzes market trends
>>>>makes a plan
>>>>> implements the plan so that the company will be able to survive  and getmore income
>>>>>>gets more money, company survives
>>>>>>>>owner/manager becomes happy  (Desire satisfied)

The Employee
>Fear of surviving: Fear of not being able to get money to buy food, clothing,  shelter etc.
>>Desires to look for employment to get money to pay for rent/house, food, clothing etc. to survive
>>>applies for a job
>>>>>gets hired 
>>>>>>becomes happy (Desire satisfied)

The Employer's Mind:
Fear: Survival as a company - fear of not surviving as a business
Desire: for the company to survive 

The Employee's Mind:
Fear: Fear of surviving without money
Desire: To get a job that pays a salary so the individual can survive - having food to eat etc.

In essence, both has FEAR of Survival which is fueling their Desires
The momentary reward upon getting what was desired 
is happiness (positive energy experience) 
This is who they have become - who we have become as the mind,

A program
> > Desire
>>>Satisfying the Desire

The Problem


The Solution and The Reward

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