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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Dimensions of The Female Mind Day 265 Introduction

Topic: The Dimensions of the Mind
 The Female Mind

I am looking at the following dimensions of the mind:
Behavior Dimension

In this blog i am laying down what i will be working on.

In the coming blogs, I will do self-forgiveness for
accepting and allowing myself to be directed
by the mind rather than being self-directive here as who i am.

The Dimensions of The Mind

What i will be working on in the coming blogs:

Fear: the base platform of the mind

The Conscious Mind:

Thought: me being touched by the male who i am in a relationship with,  in the nipple

Imagination: the nipple hardening and my jade gate secreting fluid with the hard jade stalk inside my jade gate going in and out in a slow but firm motion alternating with deep thrusts and shallow thrusts that drives me to a point of orgasm

The Subconscious Mind: 

Backchat: (I decided to keep this in my private blog)

Reaction: me satisfied and happy feeling ecstatic- like a complete woman

The Unconscious Mind:

Body Movement: :my head turning right and left, screaming intermittently, gasping for my breath


The QuantumMind
The Quantum Physical

The Real Physical

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