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Friday, April 12, 2013

Decoding The Mind of a Prostitute, The Female in a Relationship, The Guru and The Monk: Day 273


What Does A Prostitute, A Female Desiring A Relationship,
A Devotee Desiring A Guru and A Monk Desiring To Be Celibate
Have In Common?

They are all consequence outflows of our Desires
within the process of Attraction, Love (participating in the mind/energy for a positive energy experience) and Sex (satisfying the desire)?

Let's have a REAL look:

The Fear and Desires of a Female 
Desiring a Relationship with a Male:

>Fear of surviving as a female personality within  fear of loss or fear of being alone
>>desire to attract or be attracted to a male
>>>desire for a relationship
>>>>desire for love and sex
>>>>>investigates the potential partner - his stability/status, house, car, employment etc.
so she will be assured of their survive as a 'couple'.
>>>>>>finds out he has money, finds out he has a car and a house, finds out he desires her, they get into a relationship

The Fear and Desires of a Prostitute

>Fear of surviving as a prostitute
>> desires to present herself well, moves well and speaks well
 to attract the potential client
>>>desires to get clients so she can have money to pay for rent, transport, food etc.
>>>> sees the desire from the client to have sex
>>>>>names her price
>>>>>>The client pays the price and gets sex in exchange so the prostitute can survive
>>>>>>>becomes happy

This is the Fear and Desires of a devotee

Let's have a look:

>Fear of surviving as a human having eternal existence
>>desires assurance of eternal life
>>>The guru talks 'blissfully' about how he/she can give one liberation/relief from stress/karma and assures all if he does what he say and follow his footsteps they will get eternal life
>>>>the devotee get attracted to the 'blissful' looks, speech and movement of the guru
>>>>>the devotees donate money for the projects of the guru and so the guru and the monks  in the spiritual organization will survive - eat, travel, have roof over their head etc.

So, if we look at these 3 fears, we can see that they are identical
from the perspective that they started from Desire within the process
of attraction, Love and Sex - and within this, the desire to survive - within having money

This is the Fear and Desires of a Monk' Who Is Celibate
>Fear of surviving as a human that exist eternally
>>Desires to have eternal life
>>>reads a book or heard the discourse/talk of the guru about spirituality
>>>>the monk  gets attracted to the guru's teachings
>>>>>the monk becomes celibate as per the suggestion of the guru
>>>>>>he/she joins the spiritual organization
>>>>>>>the monk asks for donation (money or goods/services) from the members of the organization, the public etc. to survive

The fear of the monk is the same as the 3 before him - fear of survival.
Although the monk does not participate in sex,
he/she still participates in Fear and Desire

Fear: Survival   
Desire: to survive within the organization and to have food, shelter etc.

What's the Fear fueling the Desire?

To be continued
The Problem
The Solution and The Reward

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