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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sex: Dimensions of My Mind Day 270: Behavior: DRD

In this blog i am looking at the Behavior Dimension 
I am including a brief outline of the mind dimensions i will be working on
at the first part of this blog for reference purposes.
I am writing self-forgiveness for mind participation  here 
and commitment statements 
to correct myself - writing a script that will guide me in living life practically

Topic: Sex

Dimensions of The Mind:

The Conscious Mind:
Thought: me being touched by the man who i am in a relationship with,  in the nipple

Imagination: the nipple hardening and my jade gate secreting fluid with the hard jade stalk inside my jade gate going in and out in a slow but firm motion alternating with deep thrusts and shallow thrusts that drives me to a point of orgasm

The Subconscious Mind: 

Backchat: (I decided to keep the details of this  private)

Reaction: me satisfied and happy feeling ecstatic- like a complete woman

The Unconscious Mind:

Body Movement/Behavior: my head turning right and left, screaming intermittently, gasping for my breath

I am doing self-forgiveness and writing a commitment to correction script in this blog
specifically on the Behavior  Dimension.

Self-forgiveness Statements
I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself 
to  participate in the design of 'fear of survival - as movement - as energy'

fear not having positive energy experience - when having sex
within body movements
desiring to have a positive energy experience  - when having sex
within body movements
believing that it is me as who I really am
directing these behaviors
not seeing and realizing that this is me as the mind
manipulating the body
to justify my desire
  my head turning right and left
screaming intermittently
gasping for my breath
as I participate in that orgasmic
mind positive energy experience
where the mind
becomes the factory for good and bad energies
where the positive is the accumulation of the negative

where my fear of not having good sex
is fueling the desire to experience
good sex with DRD
a positive energy experience
within my mind
manipulating my body
to behave a certain way when I have sex

where within all these
the body is being compromised
as the natural energy from the nutrients
I eat gets transformed to unnatural energy
for the mind to exist
just like a laptop connected to a socket on the wall
getting a stream of electricity flowing to the computer 

not seeing and realizing that
this is a holographic universe
and that what is created in the factory that is my mind
as good and bad energy
gets created in 'my without'
as good and bad products that
takes from nature etc.

creating a consequence outflow
so, we have to stop

Commitment to Correction: Script

I commit myself to when and as I see myself
fearing not having good sex
desiring having good sex with DRD
I stop
I breathe

I realize that this is me as the mind
having fear of having bad sex
when not having good sex with a male 
desiring to experience good sex
like the one I had with DRD
so this is about competition
about winning and losing
within self-interest

I assist myself to look at my fears
walk back and see the origin of this
forgive myself and correct myself in my living participation
stop mind participation
breath by breath
moment by moment
and realize that
who I am is here
as breath in every moment
moving me
expressing me

I assist myself to instead of
turning my head left and right
when having physical interaction
within positive energy participation
I move me as breath

to instead of screaming intermittently
within positive energy participation when having
physical interaction
I move me as breath here
developing an equal and one relationship with 
pure sound
assisting me to accept and allow me
to birth me here
as the primal scream of Life

instead of gasping for my breath
within positive energy participation
during sex
I assist myself to accept and allow me
to see that I am the breath here
moving me
expressing me
having physical interaction with another as me
who is my equal
expressing myself as a female
equal to the male expression
enjoying me as breath
enjoying my expression
enjoying movement as me

I assist myself to instead of
resourcing the physical
develop an equal and one relationship
with the body/physical

I assist myself to instead of
within self-interest
stand for what is best for all
so life will be worthwhile for all
while we live this one life

I assist myself to instead of desiring to complete myself
through having good sex with DRD
realize that I am equal to all that exist
as my body consist of cells
that consist of atoms
consisting of substance that all consist of
so I am part of Life
that wholeness
that is Life


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