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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sex: Dimensions of The Mind: Day 266: Fear: DRD

Topic: Sex 

In my previous post i laid out what i will be working on in my blogs
I am including a brief outline here for reference.
I will do self-forgiveness for
accepting and allowing myself to be directed
by the mind rather than being self-directive here as who i am



The Dimensions of My Mind

Fear: The platform of the mind

The Conscious Mind:

Thought: me being touched by the male who i am in a relationship with,  in the nipple

Imagination: the nipple hardening and my jade gate secreting fluid with the hard jade stalk inside my jade gate going in and out in a slow but firm motion alternating with deep thrusts and shallow thrusts that drives me to a point of orgasm

The Subconscious Mind: 

Backchat: (I decided to keep this in my private blog)

Reaction: me satisfied and happy feeling ecstatic- like a complete woman

The Unconscious Mind:

Body Movement: :my head turning right and left, screaming intermittently, gasping for my breath

In this blog, I will be looking at the FEAR Dimension:

Self-forgiveness Statements:

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself
to participate in the design of fear of survival - as sex

fear not being able to have a positive energy experience
within sex
believing that If I do not have
a positive energy experience
- within sex
with a man
I will be less of a woman
believing that I am complete when I am in a relationship
'loving' a man
and being loved in return
believing that the measure of
the quality of love in a relationship
is in the quality of sex I have
with that man


Commitment: Correction Script:
I commit myself to when and as I see myself
fearing not having a positive energy experience
-within having sex with a man

I stop
I breathe

I realize that it is me as the mind
defining myself within positive and negative
believing that the positive energy experience
as the happy me
is who I really am

instead of realizing
that it is me as the mind cycling through
the negative and the positive energies

believing that is who I really am
and that without that
I will cease to exist
so desire to always be happy
believing that if I am in a relationship
that lasts I will be
able to have someone who desires me
someone who desires to have sex with me
that someone will be able to
give me happiness always
believing that if I have happiness always
I will survive more

instead of realizing  that I am here as breath
in every moment
moving  me
expressing me
The Mathematics of Giving Positive and Negative Value
Vs Giving Value Equal To Life

I realized that I have given the words 'man' and 'woman'
these mind values:

'man = half of the whole = 50
woman = half of the whole =50
man + woman = relationship = sex = whole = 100

I realized that the values I have given
the words man and woman
are not real
as I made them up in my mind
they have no real physical existence 

I realized that I made a mind equation
that looks like this:

1. man + woman = relationship with a man = love = sex = happiness = positive energy experience = me surviving as who I am ( survival).

2. woman - man = no relationship with a man = no love = no sex = no happiness = negative energy experience = me not surviving as who I am (death)'

I realized that the mind equation is not real
as I made them up in my mind
therefore they have no real physical existence

It is to realize that
the real value of the body of a woman is equal to Life
the real value of the body of a man = Life

Realizing that All = Life

Stopping mind participation is the key

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