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Monday, July 15, 2013

BIG Part 3: How Can We Eliminate Poverty In The Philipines Day 319 Natural Resources

Let's take a look at what's happening to the Natural Resources in the Philippines:









Air Transportation

Philippine Airlines


In Part 2, i looked at the FIRST  PROBLEM:

First Problem: The words we use come from people's point of views connected to and defined within other words that we have given a positive and a negative charge, based on FEAR of Survival in a world where survival is not guaranteed hence, not equal to Life's real expression

In this blog, i am looking at the SECOND PROBLEM:

The natural resources in the Philippines are in the hands of corporations who distribute the profits from the sale of such resources to some but not to all that needs support to survive - the unemployed. 

These corporations need to be reminded of the benefits of working with the real shareholders of the profit they make - The Filipinos who are natural 'shareholders' of profits coming from the sale of whatever was received from the earth, realizing that what we receive, we have to give back to ALL - for All to survive because we care. 

This way, the corporations and the people both benefit. This is the way life works - equal benefits for all.

Demand for goods will increase because people has confidence that the profit will be distributed to those that need it and supply will increase to satisfy people's needs which will lead to more profit for the corporation. 

This will result in a strong economy. 

We have to stand up and speak and stop FEARING SURVIVAL.

We have to look at why we resort to strikes and pickets and see that this is us, recognizing that we are inferior to the ruling class, the elite, and that we have to ask them for our share through strikes and pickets and perpetuating the lie that they are the ones deciding on our behalf, a weakness we have to overcome to rebuild this nation.

This is living our FEAR of SURVIVAL. This is living in 'IN-FEAR-IORITY'.

We have to forgive ourselves for fearing survival, hence, feeling inferior because we do not have enough - to survive - and forgive ourselves for desiring to be superior - to win in the expense of others, to survive.


We have to give ourselves the gift of LIFE.

We have to LIVE as WHO WE REALLY ARE - Equal to ALL that is birthed here in this ONE LIFE. We have enough resources for all to survive.

We have to stop thinking as an INFERIOR human. We have to claim our birthright - our HUMAN RIGHT to live as EQUALS.

We have the right to EQUAL SHARE of profits coming from the sale of the earth's natural resources.

We have to take this platform into the political arena.

We have to stop fighting within self-interest - to WIN in a world where survival is NOT guaranteed..

We have to stop pointing fingers bacause this is BLAME. We have done this for a long time and we know this does not work. The secret of any organization is to drop that which does not work and take that which work - not because of false statistics on affluence perceived through the eyes of FEAR of survival in a world of inequality  where statistics of poverty have gone down from 50% to 35% - but through the eyes of A Human with a Birth Right to a Decent Dignified Life from the time of birth to the time of death - Our 'ideal' scene is 0% poverty in the Philippines (and in all parts of this world).

We have to live as part of the Whole - that is Life.

 We have to LIVE the REDEFINED MEANING of being a FILIPINO

We have to work with the earth and align our expression to the expression of the earth - giving all equal access to the resources that all need to survive and live a dignified life. It's a gift from the earth. Let us take our equal share and take the gift of Life - and not let anyone fool us into believing that only few has the right to this gift from the Earth.

This is what real living means - Guaranteed Survival for ALL - Basic Income Guaranteed by the Equal Life Foundation.


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