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Monday, July 22, 2013

Independent Investigation Report: Part 1 Process: Desteni Is Not A Scam Day 325

Group: Desteni

Eye Witness Report:

Name: June Roca
Birthday: June 24, 1959
Age: 54
Nationality: Filipino
Profession: Health Coach 
Institute of Integrative Nutrition

Insider Report

Is Desteni's Process Real?
I had been doing self-forgiveness for 5 and a half years using the tool of self-forgiveness and self-correction in my living and i am making a report of what i found as an independent investigative reporter of this process which when i bring the memories back here is rather funny because in the beginning of my process i was experimenting on the process of self-forgiveness and feared their message because it challenged everything i believedI doubted whether their message is real, but as I faced who i have become as my mind, which i separated myself from believing it was less than me, i realized that standing equal to my mind is an essential part of embracing the whole of me as life.

Rather than resist the evil me/ego as the mind, i started to use it as a map to guide me in walking back to see where my fears started. I was not used to doing this myself because i had a guru for 29 years, but as i forgave myself for giving my power away to the guru, and as i investigated this self-perfection process, i gained confidence in myself seeing firsthand through looking at who i have become as the mind that no one can do this for me but me, because i created me as the personality/ego and that what i created in 'my within' as the mind is what i created in 'my without' as this world system and that i did this using words so i can rewrite myself through words and recreate myself as one who stands for what is best for all. I documented my investigation and this process in these blogs:

My Main Blog:
My Food Blog:
My Animal Blogs:
My Filipino Blogs

Benefits Witnessed as an Insider: 

*I learned how to stand for What is Best for All Life
Rather than decide from the point of self-interest, i learned how to stand for what is best for all Life which i realized is essentially what is best for myself also as this to me is what life is about. This is what i had been 'looking for'. I attended many groups in this lifetime but no one has clearly pointed this out but Desteni.

They also showed me that this can be applied in my daily life as i stopped judging vegetarian meat as better than animal meat . This i resisted in the beginning because i had been vegetarian for 29 yrs., but as i investigate the real meaning of the phrase, 'what is best for all', i realized this is an application of who i really am - as part of the whole that is Life as all that is birthed here - is my equal, the plants, the animals etc.I started to document my findings in my Food blog:


*I learned how to Redefine Words
Desteni is the real leader in redefining this existence for what is best for all as words can be used functional mechanism to express what is best for all. Words are at present being used  to create bias or partiality which stops one from seeing the real world objectively through creating a polarity energy load within manipulating words, influencing people energetically to change people's model of behavior and people's decision making process. I am redefining words and redefining myself in the process  - as who I really am - as part of the Whole - as Life, assisting myself to change within spoken and written words, and redefining my practical living.

Here are some words i redefined:

*I realized i created myself 
I realized that i created myself in my investigation of me as my mind in 'my within' as the mind and in 'my without' as this world system by looking at my fears, thoughts etc. enabling me to take self-responsibility for all parts of oneself - as all Life, using self-forgiveness and self-corrective application.

*I learned how to walk back and trace the origin of my FEARS
I learned how to look at my fears which i normally cover up through meditation, yoga etc. learning how i can be stable as breath to face my fears  and using Desteni tools like self-forgiveness - so i  do not keep running away from it- to instead of desiring the opposite to evolve my mind, i look at the problem and provide solutions to the problems i created within my mind and this existence as a whole from a starting point of what is best for all.

*I learned to take self-responsibility for me - as All Life
I learned how to use the tool of self-forgiveness and self-correction in ones living
realizing that self is the creator and the 'created' instead of deciding from the starting point of self-interest as fear of survival in a world of inequality - to change my starting  point to what is best for all.



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