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Saturday, July 20, 2013

BIG Part 4 How Can We Eliminate Poverty in The Philippines: Day 322 Government

Philippine News
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Palace To Conduct Periodic Review of Cabinet Officials

There is a false sense of gratitude that exist when government officials get elected in office by the public.

There is a money/power transaction between the people who elected government officials and the politicians.

This urge politicians to perform well in office and tell people they are protecting the will of the people and that they are happy to be of service to the people. This sounds benevolent and these words influence people to vote for the candidate because this 'sounds like'  these words are coming from the 'bottom of their heart'. Little do we know about the power of words.

The speeches were manipulated usually written by someone who is employed to do just that, manipulate words to preserve the party in office for money and power - usually for re-election purposes, not because this person stands for what is best for all. 

Words are used to convey promises that remains a promise because the main problem was not understood - inequality. 

These promises make people imagine and 'hope for things to be better' in the future and that is what get people to vote for a canditate.  The candidate goes to the poll and time travel to the future within his mind and seeing a 'better future ' in hi/her mind, the ballot is ticked. 

This is a trick with words being abused.

This will result to the party having more followers, more money and power - self-interest.

We, the people believe the politician's words because it sounds so convincing like how our parents would give us sweets and give us convincing words to get us to eat all of our meals even if we do not like to , or get us to do homework. 

Guess who runs for office? Sons and daughters who were raised by parents. 

Coincidence? No. 

Should we 'blame the parents'? No, blaming isn't the solution.

Being aware of how we are being manipulated by words in the various forms of media, redefining words and giving it a meaning that is free from 'positive or negative' interpretations  - structuring words according to the natural learning ability of a child and insuring our child has the best foundation - building a platform for the building of a child's character and vocation (voca-bulary) which interestingly enough is why our job depends on words - as politicians, as an engineer, a doctor etc. A politician is a politician because of the words he know.

We are so manipulated by other's words that this forms our belief system which forms our value system. We are influenced through TV and the media. 

Guess where we see government officials deliver their speech? You guessed right, on TV and the various forms of media. 

Guess what is being flashed on tv while these speeches are aired? Pictures of officials helping in the community which makes us believe that the politician is doing good for all. 

The government is a group - a political group that functions like a normal business organization.This is public relations. What the politician does will benefit the organization - the party - the government - perceived to be 'above' the masses, believed to represent the people as the one having 'authority' to pass laws to govern people's welfare, yet separate from all - having its own identity as a separate organization that accepts and allows 1% -99.99% poverty.

This is true in the Philippines, in America and in all parts of the world.

But, is this what is best for all of us here in this one life?

My question is:

Is Effective Governance about this?

Isn't effective governance about standing for what is best for all and doing all that one can to make sure that there is zero poverty in a country where the natural resources given by the earth are equally shared by all = all live in dignity = living income guaranteed?

It is NOT about lowering the poverty rate from 50-35 percent. and patting our back for a 'job well done' which will mean re-election which equates to a big following, popularity, money and power.

This, according to mainstream poll is up statistics and is a sign that the country is doing well.

I disagree.

Statistics is but a public relations propaganda machine. Why?

This false 'up' statistics will be used to get the public to believe that all is well while in the secret mind what is not being communicated is fear of having 'down statistics' or not being re-elected and the push to having enough money to live life with bodyguards, maids, chauffeurs, parties etc.

Making money for oneself, to enrich ones family, how to utilize ones power to support ones business interest, or how to retain ones power over another - competing to win.

'Up' statistics is used as a tool to be re-elected in office.

I suggest the 'Pub-lic' stops going to the 'pub', and stops 'drinking' positivity - a dream of a happy affluent life and much money for oneself, where groups of people as corporations are donating campaign money in exchange for politicians backing their business interest - looking out only for themselves or their own self-interest for money, profit and power.

Let's stop imagining reality in our minds. Reality is here. Let's stop 'BE - LIE -VE- ing' and start LIVING for REAL.

Let's look at facts.

The fact is, for us to have a government of the people, for the people and by the people, we have to have zero POVERTY, where everyone have access to the basic necessities to survive - food, clothing, shelter, health-care, clean water, transportation etc. not to mention the obvious - animals and plants given equal treatment - surviving in a world of equals.

We have lived so long believing that life is a dream. Let's wake up and do the math.

Life is a mathematical equation, 1+1=2.

It is not about numbers and statistics we use to be able to win.

It is about living as equals (=) where in essence all win - not just a few.

The earth has given us all resources to 'SUR-VIVE', NOT to LIVE (VIVE) in 'SUR-plus' while others are living in 'lack' or unemployment which is what's going on at the moment but to SUR-VIVE  in the real sense of the word where we ALL SURVIVE having a 'high' quality of life - where everyone has a LIVING INCOME GUARANTEED - as BIG

It is for us to make sure that these resources are distributed equally to all as what nature intended, otherwise government becomes a money making machine for the elite.

Effective Government will only be here when it is redefined and lived from 'GOVERN -MENT' as the system based on ones governing a political unit - perceived as 'special' because of their intelligence, money, power etc.  - as ones who are voted therefore powerful to that system 'MEANT to GOVERN' the 'Less- fortunate' or unemployed to GOVERNMENT as they are MEANT to GOVERN in a way that ALL will get their EQUAL SHARE of what nature intended for all of us equally.



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