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Monday, July 8, 2013

BIG Part 2: How To End Poverty In The Philippines: First Problem Day 312 Redefining The Filipino

In Part 1, i wrote about what we need to do to transcend the limitations we imposed on ourselves within our minds to start living LIFE:

Change our starting point from Fear of survival to survival guaranteed (BIG)
Live by the principle of 'What is best for All'

In this blog, we will look at why poverty is a problem in the Philippines based from commonsense.

First Problem: The words we use come from people's point of views connected to and defined within other words that we have given a positive and a negative charge, based on FEAR of Survival in a world where survival is not guaranteed hence, not equal to Life's real expression

Solution: It has to be redefined. 

Words that we use, and words that end up in the dictionary come from different people's point of views - based on ones beliefs of what life should be and should not be. 

Have a look at how words end up in the dictionary:

We all are apart of the whole - as Life

We all exist in this world - birthed here. So, in essence, we all have the right to the resources given by the earth. 

Life is about living as equals in a world full of resources given by the earth - for all equally.

Living as equals as what is best for all  - should be the starting point of every word definition.  
The definition we give words is how we see ourselves, others and this world.

So, let's look at the word Filipino

a native of the Philippine Islands
This should include an explanation on who the native really is in fact - stating that the 'Filipino' is equal to another Filipino or another American or another person anywhere in the world who's survival is guaranteed from the time one is born as all resources given by the earth to all  is equally distributed.  

So, let's redefine the word 'Filipino'

let's look at the Phonology or sound of the word.

Words as i heard it within my mind:


I can see that i connected the word Filip to the name of the Spanish king that colonized the Philippines. I can see the resistance to be under the Spanish rule within my mind - where i connected the word 'Spaniards' to superiority. That puts me in the opposite pole of the mind - as the mind thinks in terms of polarity. This gives me a false sense of inferiority. 

I have, within my mind given the word a negative value - experiencing it in a negative way which compounded when i connected the word to the words 'poverty', 'suffering' etc.

On the other hand, i have memories of having 'fun' with family and friends in the Philippines, eating the sweets and having picnic at the beach , so i have also connected this word to the words 'fun', 'family', 'happiness' etc.  

This 'positive and negative charge' i have given the word 'Filipino' makes me experience the word in a 'positive or a negative' way within my mind rather than physically experiencing the word as equal to my expression as who i am - as a part of the whole - as all life.

So, i will Redefine the word 'Filipino'

The Word 'Filipino' according to the dictionary means 'a native of the Philippine islands'.

This definition is limited, so i am redefining it to give it a definition that embodies the essence of what a human living in this world mean - based on what is best for all life - developing an equal and one relationship with all that is here.

Here's my redefinition:

A native of the Philippine islands 

The human living in a certain location on earth, the Philippines,  that has the right to an equal share of all the resources available provided by nature. 

We have to also realize that the Philippine soil is the same dust of the earth that can be found in other parts of the world

It was given by the earth to support the survival of everyone equally in that part of the world.

The air space, the water, the oil, the air etc.

In the next Blog, we will look at what we are doing to the natural resources of the earth - in the Philippines

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