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Friday, August 9, 2013

Animals And Plants Have Rights: 'Love Is All There Is'

We take the life of an animal as a trophy to show that we have won the FEAR battle (fearing jungle animals). So, to prove that we do not fear jungle animals, as the elephant, the tiger etc.we get our hunting guns and /kill them. We created this fear within our mind yet the elephant 'has to Die, not in our imagination but for Real', unable to express onself in Life, a suppression of its Right to Life.

So, why kill the jungle animal, why not stop the fear instead?

Killing jungle animals to win a trophy is not acceptable.

It is to realize that we created the fear within our mind and the answer is not in killing

Killing animals who are expressing themselves here in this world, like the elephants, the lions etc. is senseless.

The animals don't have anything to do with the fear we experience within our mind.

Let's not hide the fear and then believe that we will transcend our fear by killing that which we fear, in this case, jungle animals in Africa..

The  animal is just expressing itself in this world just as all of us here.

Let's look at an example, let's say Bill is walking on the road and a family kills Bill for fun's sake, In the normal world,  the criminal or the family who killed Bill, goes to jail.

But what if instead of putting the criminal or the family who killed Bill in jail, they get awarded a trophy instead and are allowed to pose with dead Bill smiling and showing the photo to friends and relatives and not only that but using the photo of the dead human, Bill (with them in the background smiling) - as advertising for a vacation getaway where people can also kill another human and do the same thing. Realize that in this example, the owner of this vacation getaway gets more customers that will translate to money and profit in the future from this photo advertisement and that if the family pose they will be given a discount or a reward.

Wouldn't you question the justice system if this will be done and allowed in the real world by humans to another human? Yet this is being allowed to be done to jungle animals

This is an unequal system we are living in, we have to change it to a system that will work from the starting point of what is best for all.of us- the equality point - the point where humans, plants and animals etc. 'meet eye to eye' as one and equal as each other - realizing we are made of the same substance - the dust of the earth..

This is a world where some win and others lose.

Why should life be like a casino where some win and some lose?

We have to change the way we live this life to a life where all can win because all of us are living this one life.

We are all here.

When some are not included in the survival equation = we all lose.

It is commonsensical for us to live a life where all of our basic needs for shelter, nourishment etc. are being met.

The earth gave us resources to equally survive.

What is the difference between humans animals and plants? There can be many as we are programmed to see different shapes and colors as individualized entities. But what we fail to see is that which is obvious - we all breathe, we all eat and we are all here existing in this world - we all are birthed in this world..

We are all here living this ONE LIFE.

So, how come we have a justice system that is Biased, treating human abuses, animal abuses and plant abuses unequally?

Questions i ask myself:

1. How come humans are allowed to kill their fellowmen - the poor are slowly being killed in this system of inequality and left to die without food, clothing, shelter etc. in countries like the Philippines, Africa etc.?

Why are we NOT giving others their equal share in whatever resources the earth gives us all equally?

2. How come humans get a trophy for hunting or killing animals in the jungle of Africa?

3.. How come vegetarians are allowed to claim their trophy for killing vegetables and condemn others who kill animals?


This is even being incorporated in a spiritual practice - as the sentient diet for spiritual people. The guru who introduced this is being given high regard as a model human - a Guru or a Sad-guru - but aren't we all killers?

We all kill to survive.

We do not even see that the reason we kill to survive is because our minds need energy and it has to take that energy from the powerhouse - the Body.

Have we lost our sanity?

We clearly have, just that we do not see it,

We are too 'blissful' within our minds to be able to see the OBVIOUS.

The problem was, and this was my biggest problem when i was a yogi for 29 yrs.- being always in 'Mind Bliss'. that when i open my eyes, and looked at what's going on in the real world, i see crime, bloodshed, abuse and poverty - a reality very different from 'my mind reality' when i meditate - where i can imagine union with that which i created within my mind and named as the supreme consciousness - that idea that that is the Self that is equal to all.

There was a yearning within my mind to make  my external reality reflect my internal mind reality, I did Not See the fact that my mind reality was what i IMAG-INED to be real, and is based from a picture- an IMAGE - and that Real Reality is what is here as this physical existence - not made from an interpretation of Reality but made from the Dust of the Earth.

We cannot see this reality, this physical world, as the noise  - the paranoia continue - the Noise going on in our minds  - 'Love is all there is' that is repeated over and over again which we eventually believe to be Real, the Positive Noise that keeps us Deaf to Real Sound.

We do not want to see the bloodshed, the poverty, the abuse etc. arround us. Let's be self-honest. Let's admit that we fear suffering, pain, death, survival, sickness etc. It is too Painful to See what is going on in the Real world. Surviving in an unequal world is Not easy. One is not safe, One is not being given a means to get the basic necessities to survive. We do not want seeing humans, animals and plants being abused nor killed for money and profit yet we are forced to do it because we accept and allow ourselves to be powerless

What we do not see is that in the long term, we will have to face the consequence of what we accepted and allowed in this world because this is how reality works. Within our mind there is no consequence - that's why most of us wants to meditate - so we will avoid taking responsibility for the whole - as all Life.

But how long can our eyes remain closed in meditation?

I meditated for hours and days before, 'blissed out', but i always open my eyes because my legs start getting numb. I even believed that one day, i will wake up 'enlightened' and see myself merged with everything that is here - 'just like magic'.

What i did not realize is, that i cannot REAL-IZE within my mind in meditation- because to 'REAL-IZE we have to see with our REAL- EYES meaning to develop an equal and one relationship to all that is here in this physical existence - as all parts of me as life, someone standing for what is best for all - as i am part of this one life.

I meditated for 29 years and 1 convinced myself that 'Love is all there is', having given a mantra or a sound to meditate on that means 'Love is all there is'. With my eyes closed i meditated on this thought morning, noon and night  Eventually just like anything, if you practice doing it for a while, you believe it. So i started behaving as a person that emanates 'love and light and bliss'. I also believed that because i experience that 'blissful feeling' within me during meditation, that that experience is an experience of the REAL me. I closed my eyes to what is going on in this world.

Instead of looking at my fear, i hid it and covered it up with the thought 'love is all there is'.

I justified the abuses in this world and my excuse is that i have to survive as a 'happy' individual (as 'i did not want to feel sad and lonely' looking at the bloodshed, the competition, the poverty etc. in this world). So i just sang and meditated on the words 'love is all there is' in sanskrit 'believing that it has the power to make me change' to cover up the fear of death, sickness, survival, suffering etc.

I created an ideal life inside my mind and within that an ideal being, and manipulated myself to live that.

The only problem is, that the life i am living within my mind is NOT REAL. I was manipulating reality within my mind to hide my fears and cover it up with an illusion of love and bliss.

I am grateful that someone woke me up from that dream by giving me the real message of Life

I am echoing that message here in my blog.

I suggest looking at living according to the principle of 'What is best for all', rather than living according to what we think is 'right or wrong', and since thinking is about words , and since words taught to us by our parents and words taught to us in school, are biased  we also have to correct or remediate our words. -restoring our vocabulary to integrity so that the words we are living are based on a balanced life.


'Within the Natural Learning Ability Restoration where the Vocabulary of the Human is Restored to Integrity so that the Words everyone is Living are based on a Balanced Life that is Realized under the principle of ‘Give as You would like to Receive’ – which is a measurable Living Structure – World Change will happen Naturally'
- See more at: http://creationsjourneytolife.blogspot.com/2013/07/day-462-natural-learning-ability-and.html#sthash.fI6jVppd.dpufhttp://creationsjourneytolife.blogspot.com/2013/07/day-462-natural-learning-ability-and.html#sthash.fI6jVppd.dpuf

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