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Monday, August 26, 2013

The 'Beast' : About Bernard

He is to me the sound
I don't want to hear - my secret mind
The 'Beast'

The sound i 'rejected'

So, as i here ('hear') the sound/voice
that talks about
new age spirituality - as 'love and light' - as deception
being spoken

It shattered my 'love and light' world

I investigated
the secret mind
the deception within new age spirituality

I started seeing the facts
what the world system is about
and how i created it
within my own acceptances and allowances
in 'my within' - as the mind

I realized it is important
to talk and write about my secret mind
so all may see and hear
what we all refuse to see and hear
to come to a point of being self-honest about
who we have become - as the personality

I realized my secret mind is no secret anymore

I started  writing what 'i don't want' to write

I started writing about my fears, my thoughts, my backchats

I started to see my ego
as who i have become
as the personality
that stands for 'what is best for me'
as the me, I and myself personality
one who only cares about 'my family'
'my friends', 'my group'

I started to rewrite myself

I started to stop participating
in 'yoga and meditation' where i used
self-hypnosis and imagination to create a bubble
of  'love is all there is'
when the world is full of
human right abuses
animal right abuses
plant right abuses etc.

I started to challenge my beliefs

I started investigating who i have become

I saw
my fears
my thoughts
my backchats
my reactions
my behaviors
my judgments
my beliefs
my excuses
my justifications
me blaming others
my self-dishonesty
my starting point which is self-interest etc.

Investigating the things i don't want to see nor hear nor write

I started to see that i connected words to other words
and defined words within other words

I started to see that i judge others

I started to see my fears

I started to see that i manipulated my behavior to do what
my mind wants to do

I started to see how i react to others

I started to hear my backchats that i tried to cover-up with 'love and light' for 29 years

I started to look at my thoughts

I started to look at my food programming
which relates to my involvement in the following:

sungazing etc.

'desiring to become' the 'special' personality
that is believed to be 'more than' who i really am

not seeing and realizing
that that desire is fueled by my fear of losing
in a world of competition
in a world of inequality
in a world where survival is not guaranteed for all from birth to death

not seeing and realizing
i am a human
equal to all humans, equal to all animals, equal to all plants,  etc.

by virtue of the fact that
we are made of the same substance = the dust of the earth

I started to forgive myself
and started committing to
correcting myself

I started directing myself
to apply myself practically
and live
in  this physical world
based on commonsense

I started to see that
what is best for all
is really what is best for me

I saw that
what i accepted and allowed in this world
does not benefit all - and that it is based on self-interest

As i started rewriting the words i started rewriting myself

As i started rewriting myself
and started directing myself to change in my physical world

I started to see some changes

I started to see what living means

I started to see that it is possible to birth a new me

I started to see that it is possible to birth a new world

A world that stands for what is best for all

BEAST as Standing for What is BEST for All

Bernard Quotes:

'I commit myself to show, that Life as ‘lifestyle’ as origin as source as resource, is Given: Equally – to every Body of Life; and that dominion is to those that are able to distribute this which is Given Freely, Equally to All – that no-one may need or desire anything that will cause this separation that now exist as ‘lifestyle’ on Earth.' 

'I commit myself to Call on those claiming to be experts in Economics, to remove their Fears and prejudices, and to walk in Forgiveness for what they have allowed on Earth, and to rectify the situation so that All Life may be Equal at the table, prepared for Each One to have enough to Eat and Drink, and to have a Home and a lifestyle worth Living to such measure that that is the Inheritance they give to All Children that may ever be born on Earth for All Time – as that is the Foundation of Eternal Peace and Love on Earth'

Bernard Poolman

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