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Thursday, August 15, 2013

BIG Part 6: How To End Poverty In The Philippines: Poverty, Pornography and Prostitution

Sex is depicted as a source of pleasure by the movies etc. 

When people are poor and suffering, they search for the quickest way to get pleasure and that is usually through reading or watching porn in magazines, watching tv, looking at porn in the internet or in the movies. 

One gets sexually stimuated by porn. When one is already sexually aroused from reading or watching porn, some people release this through masturbation or through sex. 

In richer countries, money is also used to buy pleasure/ sex. In this link, people with money buys sex from people who do not have money to survive:

Let's look at this news about parents of Filipino kids getting money from Australian men and  prostitution  in the Philippines:


All of us make this happen as all participate in creating energetic experiences within sense stimulation in many ways in our 'within' - as the mind and create consequence in our 'without' - as this world system of money.

The bottom line here is - the physical body is being used to satisfy our mind's desire and money is being used to make this possible. The body is being mined for energy to feed the mind's desire for sexual stimulation - using money as a medium of exchange.

The mother needs money to buy basic necessities to survive while foreigners with money need to satisfy the sexual urge,  so gives money to the parents of these kids in exchange for sex.

We fail to see that the desire for sex and money is being impulsed by Fear within a relationship to survival and money.

Money becomes a medium of exchange between individual mind desires impulsed by Fear of Survival - which exists in rich and poor countries alike.

We had been trying to solve this problem for years and had not been successful in providing a solution. 

What have we missed?

The solution is not addressing the real problem. The real problem was NOT identified.

We are trying to solve the problem of  fear of survival - through giving aid and charity to the poor from a point where we are accepting and allowing inequality in our society. 

We are accepting and allowing some people to accumulate more money/wealth while some gets deprived of their share. This results in many problems in society.

The REAL Problem is INEQUALITY .

Why are we Living based on Inequality? 

Why are we accepting and allowing this?

Unless Inequality is corrected and unless we live as equals, fear will be here and we will have problems with survival and money.

let's ask ourselves these questions:

If we give the poor a guaranteed Basic/Living Income - will parents still exchange their kids for money?

Kids who do not work and are young will have value because they will also be receiving Guaranteed Basic /Living Income.

Mothers will NOT sell their kids in exchange for money.

If young women are given a Guaranteed Basic/Livig Income, will they earn money through prostitution? 

Job choice will change. 

If we educate ourselves about sex and realize that sexual expression is part of physicality and that it is a natural part of physical expression -  where Sexual education and relationship education include understanding the physical body and how to direct physical sensation we will learn how to make use of relationships and sex for what is best for all,

It is not about transcending our fears through satistfying our desires. Rather, to instead face our fear of survival and our relationship to money.

We are impulsed by the media to desire sex - through x rated movies which is a profit and money driven industry.

Prostitution, mail order brides, child pornography, child trafficking etc is also driven by money and profit. 

Within some of us having money we believe we are surviving and that our survival is what is important,  but we forget that it is not about a few surviving.

Life is not about a few surviving. it is about all of us surviving in dignity from birth till death. 

Prostitution and Porn is based from Fear within a relationship to  survival and money.

We have to give the poor a Guaranteed Basic/Living Income, so we can all  live in dignity. We are all birthed here. 

We have the right to the resources the earth gave us all to equally survive . 

We have to look at the benefit of nationalizing corporations making  profit from the earth's natural resources, and see how part of these profits can be given as Basic/Living Income to the poor or unemployed, so we can eliminate poverty not only in the Philippines but all over the world, live as equals in dignity and within this, also provide a solution to prostitution and pornography.

If few survive and the majority perish because of poverty and if the physical body is abused within pornography and porn = We All Lose.

We will have a society like this unequal society we have now - full of problems that we cannot solve and create consequence in this physical existence.

This will lead us to eternal damnation.

This is Not What Is Best For All. Clearly, we have to change our starting point from a point of self-interest to us standing for What Is Best for All.

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