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Sunday, August 11, 2013

BIG Part 5: How Can We Eliminate Poverty In The Philippines: My Experience of Poverty: Jobs

Was Steve Jobs Once Homeless before he became a Billionaire? The media is saying yes, he was once homeless.
Link: Famous People Who Were Homeless

But since the media's function is to promote something for profit, we really cannot trust that piece of information.

The 'rags to riches' story promoted by the media was what contributed to - me 'hoping for the best' when i was young. The Cinderella story in children's books and cartoons shown on tv and the movies impulsed me to seek for a better life searching for 'my prince', just like i was impulsed to read the Steve Jobs article about the possibility of a 'better life' - from being homeless to being a Billionaire which may be true or not, but that is not the point of this blog. The point is...

We are impulsed by words - words that are biased, which we first learned from our parents.

I was the 'favorite child' of my dad when i was young. I was the 'favorite' child because i was obedient.I became lazy because of this and i tolerated that to happen believing i was specially treated which i am in the process of correcting. The prize of being obedient is that i do not get to work very hard at home. There were always maids to do things for me. I did not have to wash my clothes, someone else has to do it for me. One house help we had was a man. Let's call him Batoy (not his real name). This man was very quiet and very polite. He does not answer back, yet, he was very poor and uneducated. I considered him 'inferior' to all of us inside my mind, because he was 'just a house help', a point that i am correcting in my blogs.

We also have other female maids who were children of people who lived in our small farm who does not have the means to educate nor feed their children. Other family members sometimes yell at them when they do something in a 'stupid' way like for example heating a frozen fruit salad before it will be served. It is not about being right or wrong. It is to see the underlying cause of why theybecome who they have become. They did not have fruit salad for dessert where they came from - because they lived in the countryside where there's no refrigerator. They did not eat desserts. They just survived eating rice and salt or sometimes boiled sweet potato or corn on the cobs. To make that a joke for everyone to laugh at is not fair. But we made that into a joke at that time and now i can see the evil of what it is like to put myself as superior to others.

I forgot the fact that her body is made of the same substance my body is made of - the dust of the earth..

I did not like that maids are being yelled at because i 'pity them' - for having to do what they do and for being very poor and uneducated. So, i suppressed this fear and within my mind desire to live a better life as if i will transcend that fear through satisfying that desire..

Sometimes some family members scare us to get us to study harder by telling us 'you will be a maid - uneducated and illiterate,  if you do not study hard'. So we pushed ourselves to learn in school. But learning is not real learning - it is about having a better life which is impulsed by fear of survival and fear of being inferior.

The words 'best/favorite/superior/rich/businessmen' and the words 'bad/normal/inferior/poor/maids' were the words i grew up with which formed my belief system.

When i walked back i saw that i fear ending up as a maid - uneducated, poor, unable to obtain health care , unable to feed oneself and ones family.

Education became a way to get a good job, have an educated husband and a 'good future'.

So, my desire to have a wealthy and handsome husband and my desire to learn is fueled by fear of survival.

This is me as the mind deciding and acting from the starting point of fear.

Our desire to be rich or to one day be somebody like the 'rugs to riches' stars or follow the steps of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates or Oprah etc.  is a form of coping in an unequal world. The fact that most of the money in this world remain in the hands of the Billionaires means that the poor is being deprived of their share and is not what is best for all and definitely Not something we want to become.

We are proposing guaranteed survival for all from birth to death.

Real self-expression is not about Fear. It is about enjoying life with all that is here in this physical existence.

We can change this system of inequality. We can put together our strength and create a 'better life' for all -
starting with the Basic/Living Income Guaranteed.

Instead of accepting and allowing people to be so poor to scavenge bottles and plastics from garbage dumps such as the 'Smoky mountain' etc.in the Philippines,

Why don't we give them their share of the profit the corporations get from our natural resources? This is rightfully for all, not just for a few. Nature has given everyone enough to survive equally.

The economy is in a downward spiral.

This means this unequal system needs to change.

It is commonsensical to Not keep that which does not work..

What is the use of desiring to marry a rich man or woman when we have enough to survive?
Relationships will change.

What is the reason to Fear Survival when we are able to survive because we are guaranteed a living wage?
Fear of survival will be no more. The fears will be real physical fears like going away from a car when the car is about to smash the pole one is standing in.

What is the reason to Fear Being Inferior to others when we can stand in dignity that we have enough to survive and we can work if we choose?
Life will be more enjoyable.

What is the reason to compete to win -  to be superior in a world where people are guaranteed a basic/living income - where no one lose and everyone wins?
Life will be about self-expression rather than competition.

Why do we have to go abroad to work and be away from our families and be subjected to abuse because we need the money so our families back home can survive, have food, be educated, have health care etc.?
The quality of our life will change and our job choices will change.

We can change this system realizing that all of us have equal rights as humans living this one life.

If we give the poor a Basic/Living income and also allow for those who would like to work, jobs that support survival that guarantees our survival and the children who will be born in this world, Poverty will be No More.

This will obviously Not be done by the Elite. This will be spoken of, written by and implemented by the people who can see and have experienced the inequality of the system and how this affect our lives and others, realizing this is not best for everyone and that in this unequal system = All Lose.

When everyone gets their rightful share, and the biased words we learned from our parents based from our interpretation of reality within our minds and the meaning we give words we speak and write are remediated or corrected so we can lead a balanced life, the world will change.


Within the Natural Learning Ability Restoration where the Vocabulary of the Human is Restored to Integrity so that the Words everyone is Living are based on a Balanced Life that is Realized under the principle of ‘Give as You would like to Receive’ – which is a measurable Living Structure – World Change will happen Naturally. - Creations JTL 

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