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Monday, August 26, 2013

Rice: The Real Secret That No One Wants You To Know: Healthy Eating, Futures and Money Part 3

This Blog Is A Continuation Of These Blogs: 
In my previous post, i wrote about Rice, staying fit, and how the media impulse us to buy a product through impulsing our desires.

In this post, i am looking at how we humans are using rice in making money for ourselves by trading it in the commodity futures market, our desires and fears within healthy eating, how we create the pharmaceutical industry within our own acceptance and allowance, and how this leads to abuse of animals in laboratories which we also protest against which creates the cycle of abuse that we refuse to see the real solution.

Commodities futures Trading is similar to stock trading but to know more about the specifics about Commodity Futures Trading, have a look at these quotes and the link below it:

'In finance, a futures contract (more colloquially, futures) is a standardized contract between two parties to buy or sell a specified asset of standardized quantity and quality for a price agreed upon today (the futures price or strike price) with delivery and payment occurring at a specified future date, the delivery date. The contracts are negotiated at a futures exchange, which acts as an intermediary between the two parties.'



So, just like humans, plants have a 'purpose' in this world.

Plants/Rice/Food supports our body to survive by giving the body nutrients the body needs. 

But the question i ask myself is:
Why is rice one of the commodities being traded in the futures market? 

It is used to earn money for some people who trade rice in the commodity futures.

Isn't it enough to use rice to support our body to get the nutrients our body needs or use it within our lives in many ways supporting us in this world?

From Wikipedia: Rice Nutrition Information

White Rice
Rice White Long grain cooked
Rice White Long grain raw

Brown Rice
Rice Brown Long grain cooked
Rice Brown Log grain raw

Unfortunately, in this unequal world system driven by the desire to win fueled by fear of survival/ fear of losing (money etc.,) we trade rice in commodity futures for money and profit.

We humans do not really care about the rice's, human's, animal's or any plant's expression in this world as a plant/human/animal equal to the expression of all.

Well, we say we do. Most of us who are rawfoodists or who are vegans, vegetarians etc. have composts at home and believe we take care of our environment and since we do not use pesticides in our garden, we say we are 'special' people because we 'care for our environment, we care about animals and plants, but do we really?


*How come we do not care enough to look at how we resource the body for energy for the mind to exist - and how this can cause disease, rather, we blame the food/plants/animals etc. for causing our illnesses?

*How come we do not care enough about the living condition of us all - and ask ourselves,

'does all of us have enough money to buy the basic necessities we need to survive to live in dignity in this one Life?'

*How come we only care about our own beliefs, ideas about health etc. and how we can win through our choice of food never really looking at animals and vegetables as our equals?

*How come we care only about our own 'specialness', within our own desire to 'win' not seeing and realizing that it is our fear of sickness that fuels our desire for healthy foods that we are projecting to food ?

We say, ' we care about plants and animals'

Or is it about 'caring' for someone that will give us something in return, either health, money or 'beauty'?

We are promoting for people to eat healthy

We are doing this because we desire health, beauty, the fountain of youth etc. and we are projecting our desires on others

Did we investigate what fuels this desire?


We did not see that it is fueled by fear of sickness/death/survival.

We did not see that we are promoting an 'idea' of what it means to be healthy - within self-interest, rather than developing an equal and one relationship with the body as who we are as 'part' of life, expressing as life and caring for others as our equals.

We accumulate 'specialness' by talking about healthy eating, superfoods, special diets etc.

We participate in talks where we say animal meat is apparently 'bad' for us, and how 'good' vegetable meat/veggie meat is, or how good 'lean foods' are and how bad 'fatty foods' are.

We did not see that within our participation in the polarity of 'good' and 'bad' - declaring animal meat as unhealthy and vegetable meat as healthy, we are creating the very problem that we 'protest against'.

We are impulsed by the desire to be slim/fit/beautiful/sexy/healthy fueled by the fear of sickness/death/survival.

When we look closely, we will see that the pharmaceutical industry impulse our desire also to be healthy, to win and to survive. 

This desire is fueled by fear of sickness/death/survival, where one perceives a loss (perceived possibility of 'ending' ones Life when sick or terminally ill) and so it provides us a means to survive = MEDICINE.

Isn't this the exact same button the health industry is pushing?

Desire for health/longevity/youth/beauty/survival.

What about the negative point that fuels it? 

Are we aware that these desires are fueled by Fear of sickness/survival/death?

No, and we do not care. Yet we speak as if we are all 'experts' in the field of health and nutrition.

The health and wellness industry impulses our desire to win/survive/be healthy just as pharmaceutical industries do.

We do not see what we create this paranoia of eating healthy within our minds.

We are too busy desiring the healthiest food on earth to notice.

What fuels this desire to win/be healthy/survive/be beautiful/be young?

Fear of sickness/survival/death.

Behind all these is money and profit.

When we protest against animal testing, our starting point is fear of survival. Why? Because the animals like monkeys, rats etc. are being tested to make medicines or other products to make the stuff we need to satisfy our desire to be healthy/be young/be beautiful/to survive

So we create a cycle of abuse without even being aware of it.

Why do we desperately want to win?

Our Desire to win comes from our Fear of Losing or fear of surviving.

We exist in an unequal monetary system where our own survival is not guaranteed in this world.

 We do not see that within an unequal world = we all loose.

There is always the need to get more for oneself fueled by the fear that one day there might not be enough to make us survive.

So it is important to change the system of inequality to one where we all survive as equals - where the poor and unemployed are being given a Basic/Living Income, Guaranteed from birth to death. The corporations who profit from the natural resources of the earth like oil, water etc. can share their profits to the poor and the unemployed. This way, people have money to purchase products they need and corporations and businesses will have buyers for their products. This way everyone wins.

Let's look at how else we humans make money.

Interestingly enough aside from eating rice, we also trade rice in the futures market for money and profit.

Here, we can see that the desire to win and the fear of losing is the driving force for the futures market.

The question i ask myself is:
Does human feelings and emotions drive prices of commodities?

Are we creating our own problems?

Using commonsense, i would say yes, we do.

In futures trading it is called  risks transfer mechanism 

Do we have a solution? Yes, BIG/LIG (Basic/Living Income Guaranteed)

Quote 1
I come with the assumption that much of what's going on in terms of influencing a decision is outside of conscious awareness 

Here's an example of a subject in the neutral condition and this subject is telling us that they would like to buy it at $2.50 and that contrast with, here we have data from a subject who's in the sad condition and this subject is willing to pay $10 to obtain the water bottle and that is very representative of what we see - that this increase valuation when you're sad...' 

Jennifer Lerner - Hardvard Social Psychologist

Quote 2:

'The market is an aggregation of what thousands of people think the future is gonna be like and if these people are optimistic about the future, the market goes up and if people are pessimistic about the future, the market goes down but at the end of the day the question the market answers, ' is the people optimistic or the people pessimistic'? And that's a psychological question. Emotions still drives the markets.'
- Dan Mathisson - Credit Suisse

Quote 3:
'It's euphoria causing a price to go up  and realism causing it to fall back and then eventually unrealistic panic  as it begins to feed on itself ...'
Jeremy Grantham : Chief Investment Strategist GMO

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