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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Day 19 'I Like To Eat Too' 21 Days Mind Investigation On Sugar

21 Days Mind Investigation on Sugar
Physical  Support
Awareness of How Much Sugar We Take: The Sugar Log Project
This Blog Is About:
Wanting to eat when someone is eating

Mind Pattern
>you will get some food to eat? 
>I like to eat too 
>let me get some food too
>what do you have there? 
>that is delicious 

What's the fear?
Fear of not eating when someone is eating

What is Self-forgiveness?
It is the process by which an individual forgives oneself for accepting and allowing self to separate from objective reality, releasing positive and negative value judgments such as good or bad, right or wrong, positive or negative - as subjective interpretations of reality regarding something or someone that leads to stability as breath. 

Writing Self-forgiveness Statements:

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to fear NOT eating when my relatives or my friends are eating believing that i will miss out on the taste of food being eaten and the camaraderie, so desires to eat when someone is eating where i attached a memory of when i was young to this fear - the memory of a guest attending a family event refusing to eat saying 'thank you, but I just ate', where my mom and my grandmother usually say, 'no just eat a little bit. I will be angry with you if you do not eat.I cooked this
meal because i know you are coming'.

I saw how the guests would force themselves to eat to please the host and everyone would be happy with that.

Commitment To Correct Myself

I commit myself to when and as I see myself fearing not eating when one is eating - I stop myself from acting out this past experience into the present driven by fear - I slow myself down as breathe realizing that the mind thinks fast and acts fast specially with regards to eating food that i defined as delicious and tasty, So, I direct myself as the physical breath to slow myself down as i decide to not follow this eating drive to jump into the 'superhighway of the mind', breathing through the aroma of the food, rather than being driven by it and becoming disempowered - to then empower myself to remain here as breath and eat that which will practically nourish the body.

I commit myself to when and as i see myself being driven  by desire to eat to please others or because of the smell of food that others are eating - I stop myself from following my mind's desire - I breathe through the desire, releasing it, to rather than disempower myself, by being a slave to my desire, empower myself to eat from the starting point of providing food that nourish the body.

I commit myself to expand and redefine the word 'eat' - and give it a definition that I can live as living words

Why am I expanding or redefining words?

Words are like microchips that has in it for example, thoughts, imaginations etc. that is an interpretation of reality in our mind. It is defined within what is best for us, as individuals, which is based on competition within survival of the fittest . So, in expanding or redefining a word our goal is to align its meaning to what the word is in physical reality - which is mutually beneficial for all of us, humans, plants, animals etc. as it is what the word is, realizing that we can forgive ourselves for the meaning we gave it and correct ourselves - giving it a meaning we can live and express ourselves as, in physical reality that aligns to what is best for all -  as Living Words.

Word Web
take in solid food

Expanding on the word 'Eat'
take in solid food 
Eating has become a pastime for us and food lost its meaning. The food that we eat becomes entertainment for the tongue. Food has to nourish the body. We have to bring it back to a point where food is being used to give nourishment for the body- taking in solid food that support the body to survive optimally.

E-nergy A-llowed to T-read where the body's nourishment is compromised
E-ngage A-ll Together (different food items) in providing food to nourish the body

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