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Tao of Food Preparation Recipes
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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Realizing and Living My Utmost Potential Part 2: Food: Recreating Myself : Food Preparation

Recreating Myself
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Last Wednesday, I gave a Cooking Class.

I introduced myself to them and told them my story of how in the middle of my healthy eating craze, I was diagnosed with 4th stage breast cancer and my healing process, plus my food story:

From a vegetarian, vegan, raw foodist, fruitarian, and 'trying-hard breatharian' 

To someone who is now eating animal meat, vegetables, fruits etc.

I also shared with them what I saw in my food logs and blood sugar logs:
I shared with them some of the things I saw in my investigation:
1. That my blood sugar shoots up after 2 hours of eating a plate of fruits. I used to eat a lot of fruits which changed now as I investigate how much sugar is in fruits. It's not a belief that i learned because someone said so - as a be-LIE-f. It is a product of my investigation. It is easy for the mind to imagine things someone said in the mind and inflate it, rather than use physical measurements.

2. That vegetables also have sugar and carbohydrate content - which I did not see before when i was in a 'healthy eating craze' because i was looking through my mind's eyes - using my mind to inflate the value of fruits because of my fear of disease which is equal to fear of not being in control of my body. I did not see vegetables as what they are - as food, a substance used to nourish the body. I saw it as a cure - within the belief that If i eat vegetables, I will become healthy and my fear of dis-ease and death will be gone - an illusion of wholeness rather than real wholeness. I did not realize that I am fueling the fear of disease through my desire to be 'healthy' and eating the food that i desire. My belief that it was 'healthy' and my belief that the other food items not included in my diet is 'not healthy' - was reinforcing that.

I saw that my belief that 'vegans and vegetarians attend only vegetarian or vegan cooking classes and will not attend cooking classes where there's meat in the kitchen, is just my own projection of my fears when i was in this 'healthy eating craze' - where i did not eat vegetarian food cooked in a pot where meat was cooked (which is me judging animals as not healthy and vegetables more healthy - a judgment that i forgave myself for and in the process of correcting myself).

There were  vegans and meat eaters in the class. There's cooked and raw food items in the kitchen and I talked to them about my sugar and my food logs.  I told them I am a health coach.

One girl asked me: So is this health?
I said, 'it depends what your definition of health is'. She left before I was able to tell her that health is not just absence of disease, or eating vegetables, fruits, superfoods or detoxing.

We have to make an investigation to find out if fear of sickness or disease is the starting point for why one is doing it or getting into it. First, if there is an intense desire to make oneself healthy, we have to identify the fear that can be fueling it, released through self-forgiveness and corrected. Most of it for me was fear of not being in control as I connected disease with not having control of my physical body and mind, and health is a condition where i am in control of my life. The fear then will do the very thing that we fear will happen to us when we have disease.

Health is overall wellness - physical, mental, and social alignment to what is best for all.

Animals and plants are not here to be judged like in a beauty competition or health competition, rather, to be acknowledged for being here to support the physical body's optimum survival through providing it nutrition.

This is my correction - how i changed from a raw food 'die-hard' un-cooking 'chef' to an 'All Diet I embrace all life' cooking and un-cooking 'chef'. I am in the process of self-perfection, so this is not the end but a journey to life

My starting point changed from 'what is good for me', to 'what is best for all'.

The process of 'mind deconstruction' (through self-forgiveness) started and the result is physically visible in my cooking classes. I am enjoying this expression.

There were concerns that this will not work in the beginning, but I pushed through my self-imposed mind limitations and gave the cooking class to correct my 'judgmental' outlook of what the 'healthy diet' is. It works! I had 10 attendees recently and it had been going on for 1 year:

Here are the Websites i've Put Them In:
Redefining Raw Food 
Redefining Vegetarian Cooking
Redefining International Cuisine
Redefining Vegan Cooking

Here are some pics: 
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