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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Day 12: The Sugar Thief: Sugar Alcohols: 21 Days Mind Investigation

21 Days Mind Investigation on Sugar
Physical  Support
Awareness of How Much Sugar We Take: The Sugar Log Project
Mind Pattern

>I tend to go astray when I am investigating on my own
>I am a sugar thief that hides behind eating food with sugar  substitutes or sugar alcohols 
>blood sugar monitors do not detect sugar alcohols
>how can i be sure i am having an exact reading?
>It is better to have someone that will just tell me what the best diet is - like a diet police

What are the fears?
1. Fear of finding out myself which sugar is assisting the body and wanting to go into a diet and have a diet police to tell me what diet is good for me
2. Fear of being totally honest
3. Fear of being seen as dishonest

What is Self-forgiveness?
It is the process by which an individual forgives oneself for accepting and allowing self to separate from objective reality, releasing positive and negative value judgments such as good or bad, right or wrong, positive or negative - as subjective interpretations of reality regarding something or someone that leads to stability as breath. 

Writing Self-forgiveness Statements:

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to fear finding out myself which kind of sugar assist my body - believing that i cannot trust myself to really be honest in supporting the body because of selfish reasons specially when I can hide behind eating foods with sugar alcohols which I researched cannot be detected by blood sugar monitors - so because I believed no one will know or no one is sure about this finding being true and no one is refuting the results of this study, I tend to hide and justify this  by saying, 'it's okay to eat sugar alcohols' - which leads me to, not trusting myself, because i know i am not investigating this fully -  so I want to get a 'sugar police' to police my actions instead of taking time in investigating this point myself, manipulating myself within trying to control myself by eating 'tasty food' at the store that is made with sugar alcohol as sweetener and believing that I should get another to police my actions - which is me giving up on myself - where I act as the sugar thief, wanting to only give up a little bit, but not all food items that do not benefit the body, which is me self-sabotaging my process - believing that there's more excitement when one can play hide and seek with sugar or sugar alcohols - which gets activated when I hear something related to sugar alcohols - where within me, when this happens, there's a cycle of psychological stress and relaxation that entertains me and stops me from getting bored with life - so hiding becomes a game of entertainment, attaching this fear of being totally honest and fear of being seen as dishonest - to a memory of me hiding that cookie that i got from the cookie jar of my grandmother's store where i interpreted hiding as equal to love and pleasure - believing that because she laughed it off, what I was doing was okay - instead of seeing and realizing that this is a mind interpretation of what i saw based on selfish reasons which only benefit me as a child, and is not going to benefit all when applied in physical reality - realizing that the body functions in a certain way in the physical, where playing hide and seek with sugar or sugar alcohol can lead to a sugar surge or a sugar lack that may not show (because the blood sugar monitors cannot detect it) that can lead to physical stress and psychological stress - so supporting the body through eating food that has sugar in the form and portion that assist the body to fulfill its physical energy demands - which i tested and is still testing and was seen by me through walking my blood sugar logs and food logs is acceptable to the body - is common sensical.

Commitment to Correct Myself

I commit myself to when and as I see myself fear finding out which sugar assist my body by myself so get a sugar police to police me instead, I stop - I breathe. I realized I used food for entertainment for a long time where I justified my unawareness of how the body functions and what sugar alcohols are - so use unawareness as an excuse and justification for getting into different kinds of diets or using sugar alcohols - so i can let someone or something take responsibility in my behalf and blame that something or someone for me being fat or for me having a disease - rather than taking my body's nutrition into my own hands and using professionals and their services for cross-referencing purposes and when i reach a point I needed them or their services to complement what i am doing, reach out for assistance - realizing I have to take self-responsibility for my own body's nutritional needs as well as I am feeding myself daily.

I commit myself to when and as I see myself using the excuse and justification that i do not know much about sugar alcohols so it's okay to use, I stop and breath and realize that I can stop using sugar alcohols and use stevia in moderation and test the portion that is acceptable for the body and also considering what is available and if the only available sugar is refined sugar or other kinds of unrefined sugars, take a portion that I have tested through my blood sugar readings and food logs, to also consider cross-referencing with what makes sense in the scientific community.

I commit myself to expand the word 'thief' and 'police' as equal to how I change from a sugar thief to someone developing an equal and one relationship with sugar - realizing that it is part of the whole - that is life.

Why am I expanding or redefining words?

Words are like microchips that has in it for example, thoughts, imaginations etc. that is an interpretation of reality in our mind. It is defined within what is best for us, as individuals, which is based on competition within survival of the fittest . So, in expanding or redefining a word our goal is to align its meaning to what the word is in physical reality - which is mutually beneficial for all of us, humans, plants, animals etc. as it is what the word is, realizing that we can forgive ourselves for the meaning we gave it and correct ourselves - giving it a meaning we can live and express ourselves as, in physical reality that aligns to what is best for all -  as Living Words.

Word Web
A criminal who takes property belonging to someone else with the intention of keeping it or selling it


Maintain law and order using police; guard with police

My Expanded Meaning
A person who takes property belonging to someone else with the intention of keeping it that is deemed to be unlawful
Here, the law is about principles that govern behavior that aligns to what is deemed to be 'bad' within judgment. So, rather than identifying what is good, we have to look at what is best for all - meaning what is best for the body and also look at the consequence outflow of what we do or interpret, judge, manipulate or justify in our minds - to forgive and correct ourselves - so we can restore balance in our 'within and without' - the body system and the money system etc. where there's enough for everyone's physical needs - not our mind's selfish needs - so thieving will be non-existent.

Maintain law and order using police
Here, the rules that govern behavior are being seen as the one that will bring order, using the police as an agent to bring that about, rather than rehabilitate the human in terms of seeing and understanding what this world is about - as the whole, as all life, and restore balance in our ecosystem within and without- to see and regulate the way we use sugar and sugar substitutes - and instead of using them for entertainment purposes, look at the source of boredom, look at why we are hiding, forgive and correct ourselves - so  we can stop the consequence outflow 'within and without', which can be the solution to stopping psychological stress and physical stress, and stopping 'dis-ease' both in our body and in our society within the food industry and the justice system etc.

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