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Thursday, June 19, 2014

What Is Practical Living Sales


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What is Practical Living Sales?

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'Sales is NOT about words one speaks or write to influence others using definitions others defined within their minds connected to beliefs, judgments etc. to earn money. Rather, it is using ones definition that is equal to ones expression of how one changed that is aligned to what is best for all. It is exchanging goods and sevides that support practical living where one speak words that is an expression of how one changed within ones practical living process communicated through spoken and written words. Then one can enjoy sales.'
June Roca 

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The Sales Mind Pattern:
>I Fear having no money
>I will study and get a degree
>I will make a business
>I will market and sell my product or service by selling the information I learned
>there's so much to do so little time
>how am i going to do all this?
>I am overwhelmed
>Why do i have to influence people?
>But i am going to force myself to do this
>they said i can get a lot of money from this


>I want to rewrite my life
>I am studying and get some information about this area - Health as a point of reference
>I am going to walk this
>I am in the process of living the change
>I embrace animals and plants as part of the whole - that is life
>Let me document this live walking of this change process and make an e-book
>I will sell my e-book and use sales as a tool to sell my process of living the change
>living e-book is cool
>I will write a blog and make a video
>I enjoy this practical living expression
>this is what practical living sales is about - my expression being sold in exchange for money, where money has value equal to my practical living change that is equal to life

The business of selling goods or services

My Expanded Definition
The business of selling goods and services
Applying Practical Living Sales In Writing an E-book about one process of change:
The work or business of selling products such as E-books has to be in alignment to physical , mental and social well-being. This is not about fear of not having money so selling a product or service that is manipulated through marketing and sales to be liked by many and then getting money in exchange for that, but it is about taking responsibility to change oneself and showing how one changed that can assist others change and living the change to create world change. The change from one diet to another for example is not real change if that is done from the starting point of fear of disease or desire for health (polarity manifestation of an illusion of change), nor it is real change if one is judging a part of life (plants or animals) as better or less than another (change in which one is being judgmental and therefore separating from parts of life).This has to align to what is best for all. Practical sales is about writing to document a living walking of a physical change - and publishing an  E-book that is a living testament of how one changed and proof of that, so sales is now the business of selling a living e-book that is about walking physical observable change that is documented in the ebook, showing links for forgiveness for the mind patterns that is not best for all and the corrections or rewriting the patterns. Selling then becomes a practical way to communicate ones process of change which is not dependent on other's likes or dislikes but about communicating ones expression that aligns to what is best for all.

Applied In different fields:
Selling products and services that assist all to live life with practical living and practical solutions for day to day living that enable people to live with ease and joy that is aligned to what is best for all - which in essence is what is best for oneself.


SA-d L-i ES
Practical Living
SA-il to L-iving and E-xpressing S-elf

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