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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

'Desire To Help': Charitable Organizations Day 117


What is self-forgiveness?

“Speaking self forgiveness is like – ‘saying sorry to yourself’, but in more deep and intimate way. Saying sorry to yourself for separating yourself from yourself, from not realising that you can actually help yourself, from making your life difficult for yourself, from being hard on yourself, from not helping yourself. And in this self forgiveness as ‘saying sorry to yourself’ you then release yourself / set yourself free from your past so that you can help yourself to create a new future for yourself inside yourself. Through self forgiveness, you let go of the burdens of the past in your mind that is haunting you, and set yourself free to take your power back to change yourself, for yourself.” ~ Sunette Destonian Spies

Self-forgiveness is the act of rebirth and giving self to self through letting the past as self go and creating a new self that can be trusted to always be what is best for all. Bernard Poolman

The Unconscious Mind – exist within and as all of humanity-  that which connects and interconnects human beings together as one '. If you participate in the mind you participate in everything  that exist in this world.'

I forgive myself 'as the charity organizations' that i have accepted and allowed myself to get money from  the elite as donations- to give to the poor - wanting to 'help the poor' - where instead of assisting in establishing equal money for all as real solution or assistance for 'others' as equals - still supports this unequal monetary system as we use the infrastructure in this current unequal monetary system in carrying out our organizational functions in our daily operations like buildings, transportation etc.

I forgive myself 'as the elite' for donating to charitable organizations to feel good - in the name of help - uses donations to benefit oneself through tax credits - within self-interest  - without assisting in establishing a world that truly honors life based on equality - which is the real solution this world needs - as the equal money system.

I forgive myself 'as the workers in charitable organizations' that i have accepted and allowed myself to work for money to survive - by working in charitable organizations without assisting  the establishment of a world based on equality where all will be given the basic necessities to survive - that will put an end to poverty in this world.

I commit myself to expose organizations that support this current unequal monetary system instead of assisting in the establishment of a world that truly honors life based on equality for all as all.

I commit myself to show that 'helping some' is being used as a justification to not establish a world based on equality for all - which in essence is about assisting or helping all as equals.

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