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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Redefining 'I Am' Day 114

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Redefining Words
Redefining  'I Am'
(I as A-ll as M-e)

A statement that one exists or lives - separate from all life - where one makes this statement based on energetic experiences that makes one for a moment 'feel who one believed who one is, as awareness of oneself - not realizing that, that is separation awareness' - where the statement is filled with ones own ideas, beliefs etc. - as the mind character, one has become - where one only experience oneself as that who one believed one is as that beingness that one experience within ones own positive, neutral and negative energy experience of oneself - at the moment one speaks the statement - without looking at who one is in relation to that statement.

Redefines the statement 'I Am' as -  a statement of one's presence, movement - as who one is equal to all that exist -  as the physical - as all came from the same substance all are made of - which one realizes through the process of self-perfection - where one looks at who one is in relation to the statement - and walks the entire history of who one has become from the moment one can remember - assists oneself by writing self-forgiveness and commitment to correction in every moment - correcting all relationships, creations, consequences and manifestations of how one lived that mind character one has become and aligning who one is as the real character in all relationships connected to how one lived as the mind character- as the character supporting all the characters in this world - in equality and oneness - walking the actual physical realization that one in fact existed - and equalizing ones expression as who one is -within and without.

 Seeing the commonsense, 'as within, so without', assists in establishing a world that truly honors life based on equality - until all are free and life is here forevermore.


According To The Dictionary, the 'I' is

the nominative singular pronoun, used by a speaker in referring to himself or herself.


The 'I' is a letter used by the speaker or writer to refer to oneself - separate from everything and everyone - separate from the plant, the humans, the animals and other manifestations in this world.

This is a limited definition where one as the 'I' - as the character - act within self-interest - driven to survive in a world based on inequality - always seeking for the 'moreness' of oneself' within accumulated positive energy - as one defines oneself within the positive and negative energetic experiences as memories - separated within the past, present and future - fears losing oneself as the character -  which is an alternate version of oneself - an illusion.

One looks at the world one is existing in/as - based on inequality - and sees the consequence of separation and living from the starting point of self-interest. 

Realizing through ones process of self-perfection, that one is equal to all that is here as the substance/physical - forgives oneself and commits to correct oneself and birth oneself to stand for what is best for all.

Redefines the 'I' is a letter used by a speaker or writer in referring to oneself - standing equal to all that exist - humans, plants, animals etc. - where one forgives oneself for separating oneself from another - for separating oneself within time - and corrects oneself in every moment of breath - standing for what is best for all - as LIFE. 

One realizes 'as within so without' - assists in creating a world based on equality -  where  plants, animals, humans and other manifestations/expressions lives as equals.

Redefining 'Am'

Am according to the dictionary, means 1st person singular present indicative of be. 
Be means - to exist or live


Am is showing, signifying, or pointing out that we exist or live - as the mind in/as the physical body which we manipulate to move in a way that expresses who we are as the mind - where one exist as an alternate version of oneself - separate from the physicalliving to survive in a world based on inequality.

Realizing through the process of self-perfection, that the individual is existing and living as real being - in and as the body - equal to all that exist - stops the mind  and births the the real character that exist as the physical - as the body - as who one is as the breath in every moment- standing for what is best for all in a world that truly honors life - based on equality.


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