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Monday, August 27, 2012

Happiness: Fear of PAIN: Desire To Love What My Grandmother Love: SF: SCS Day 135

Happiness: Desire to Love What My Grandmother Love and Fear of Pain


This Blog Is a continuation of :

Topic: My Grandmother Pinching Me To Wake Up To Pray The Rosary With Her When I Was 6-8 yrs. old

The Subconscious Mind

Working on Backchat: 
'If i don't do what she wants me to do she will keep pinching me until i wake up'

Using Self-forgiveness:
I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to use backchat as a method to fear pain

I realize that talking within/as my mind as backchat- fearing pain - is me in separation with pain - reacting to it as a negative energetic experience defined by a memory - so assist myself to get to know all parts of me as the body - as the blood that runs through the arteries and veins of my physical body - being intimate to/as it in equality and oneness - as the muscles that assist me to move - being intimate to/as it in equality and oneness as all the different parts of my body.

Self Correction Script:
When and as i see myself fearing pain - i stop - i breathe. I assist myself to equalize with/as my physical body. I assist myself to look at what i accepted and allowed within/as the mind - thoughts, backchats etc. and in self-intimacy give self to self by doing self-forgiveness for what i have accepted and allowed within/as my mind that created this consequence of pain - and apply myself as self-aware physical being  in my daily living - not accepting and allowing myself or anyone to harm my physical body - and to not position any part of it  in prayer position - pushing it to be in a position directed by the mind - and assisting myself to in that equalizing with/as the physical/body - learn everything about it and how to direct every movement as self, listen to interviews about its  interdimensionality and blog about the body and my experience of myself in/as it - to make this a reality.

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