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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Speaking The Word 'Happiness' Without Giving It A 'Positive' Value SC Day 130 Meditation: Mantra

The Word 'Mantra' Connected To 'Eternal Life'

'What is clear about words that are defined within and as self as polarized words, are that they are reactive in nature. Meaning when carrying a negatively or positively charged word within and as self, this polarity charged word will ‘react’ within its environment  seeking out designs of ‘homeostasis’ or ‘winning’.  The consequential outflows of negatively and positively charged words are predetermined in that they follow a specific pre-programmed path.'
'It is thus common sense to realize that, what we place as definitions within and as ourselves is what we manifest within the expression of ourselves. This is why we redefine words; to find the living expression evident in each word from the principle of oneness and equality. As we look at a word we are moving ourselves through the word to see what it represents and what it stands for as a living expression. By assigning a definition to the word we are developing our vocabulary by placing within the definitions, living definitions that stand free from polarity which are able to stand as living expressions of the words that we have redefined.' ~ 

'I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to through the acceptance and allowance of the polarity game experience the positive polarity charge as a winning experience as well as the negative polarity charge as a losing experience within and as myself in the different contexts within which they presented themselves as.'

From Earth's Journey to Life Blog Day 6 

I  separated myself from the word happiness by giving it a positive and a negative value. I connected/defined the word happiness to/within other words. I am forgiving myself here and in the next blog i am writing committment statements and correct myself in every moment - and use the word as an expression of who i really am.


I commit myself to when and as i see myself separating myself from the word happiness by giving it a positive value - i stop - i breathe. I assist myself to find a living definition that is able to stand as a living definition of the word. I change my starting point and correct myself by saying what i am saying without needing to give the word happiness a positive or negative value  - standing equal with the word and using it as an expression of who i am. 

More Self-forgiveness and Self-commitment: Meditation, Mantra and Happiness

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to promote 'meditation and the use of a mantra as a way for people to be happy' - not realizing who i am within that- as the mind character that 'needs or desires happiness' coming from the starting point of FEAR of 'not existing eternally' or 'not having eternal life'- and so wants other mind characters who also fears 'not existing eternally' to desire to meditate and have a mantra so they can fulfill that desire - believing that 'eternal life' is to be desired and a goal to be reached  - not realizing that the reason i cannot see myself as who i am as that 'eternal me' is that i am existing as a mind character that is perceived separate from all - limited by my definition of who i am - defined within energy experiences  - not realizing that the energy that the mind use to evolve itself  to a point where one believes one is deserving to get 'eternal life' comes from the physical body - from its nutrients - the mind rooting itself within it to transform substance to energy - which is abuse of the physical.

I commit myself to when and as i see myself  'promoting meditation and the use of a mantra as a way for people to be happy' - i stop - i breathe. I see/realize that this is me as the mind character defined within  the idea/belief that 'eternal life' is a goal to be reached using 'meditation and the mantra and other yogic practices' - not realizing that i am here as self - able to be self-honest, forgive, direct and trust myself - and birth me here as life - able to assist in establishing a world that truly honors life .

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