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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Who Am I? The 'Prasadam Food for the Gods ' Character :'Tantric Yogi' Part 2 Day 124: Collective Meal: Sentient Food


The 'Tantric Yogi' Character Part 1 
I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to define myself within the 'i fear they might not like my food' character' - where i worry about how my food will not be liked by others - and wanting the food i will bring to the collective meal - to taste special - defining myself within the ' i like the prasad  to taste special ' character  - where after mediation we eat sweets - which was made by any member of the yoga group, AM - which i call brother or sister -  defined within the 'brother-sister' character - and sometimes the sweets or 'prasad' were made by the monks - who i call 'didi' when the monk is a woman - which means elder sister and 'dada' when the monk is a man - which means elder brother - defined within the 'didi-dada'  character - the  'prasad' or sweets  eaten after  collective meditation - perceiving food separate from me - judging  'prasad/prasadam' as more special - believing  it is food that is infused with spiritual energy because it's put in a room where kirtan or chanting is being done - where it's being offered first to the 'supreme'  - defined within supreme and not supreme - special or not special -  as the 'supreme consciousness' character - then eaten - believing that  food that is not offered first to the 'supreme' is not special -defined within the 'prasad is special' character - where i desire to eat 'prasad' or food  - perceived separate from who i am - not realizing that food is here to assist the body to survive -  where food and sustenance is seen as an expression of who i am - as equal to all that exist - as we become equal with/as the physical body - and all its organs - through the process of self-perfection - until we stop killing plants and animals for food and profit - and stop the mind .

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to define myself within the ' i fear eating food that is not spiritually infused by spiritual vibrations and that is not sentient'  character  - so desire to go and attend the dharma cakra so i can eat food that is is infused with spiritual vibrations' - defining myself within the 'i like sentient  food infused with spiritual vibrations' character - believing  that the food  we eat after dharma cakra or collective meditation is spiritually infused with spiritual vibrations - where after 'dharma cakra' or group meditation - we partake 'sentient food' together - where 'sentient food' is believed to be food that benefits the mind and the body - which excludes meat, fish, eggs, mushrooms, garlic and onion etc. - defining myself within the 'this food, not that food' character - where i cook vegetarian food that is tasty - hoping that all of the members will like it - defined within the 'i hope you like the food' character - where my starting point  in cooking the food is to please everyone - and where the ingredients  i put in the food is to make sure i develop a tasty  vegetarian dish using ingredients separate from me - defined within the 'how do i make the food tasty' character - where the mind is being pleased - within an alternate reality - as a mind character who wants to please other mind characters in the group - enslaved by desire to cook healthy and tasty food to please the other mind characters that , like me - is also enslaved by their desire for healthy, tasty food -  not taking into consideration the reality of me being equal with/as  the body - looking at the body's preference with regards to food - and the sustenance i am giving the body - . equal to/as myself. and the food/ingredients - equal to/as myself.

To be continued.in Part 3

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