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Saturday, October 27, 2012

'I Don't Care' Character: Day 193 Fear Dimension


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I Don't Care Character
Fear Dimension:

Fear that when i truly care i will have to take responsibility to/as all parts of me as life

Fear Dimension

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to create a relationship of fear to taking responsibility to/as all parts of me as life, when i do know that as i am part of life therefore i am responsible for what i create within my mind and what i create in my 'without' as this world system  - but i have taken this knowledge of fear of taking responsibility for all - and  instead of pulling myself up and look at who i have become within taking responsibility, write about the point , self-forgive and correct myself - i instead walk my very future in this world as fear as there's no certainty that i will have all the resources that i need in every step of the way to take self-responsibility to birth myself as life - as all  life - not realizing that i can do something - assist in establishing a new monetary system based on equality  and from there walk to complete any task that needs to be done no matter what - because who i am is here.

 I commit myself to when and as the fear of taking responsibility  manifest in my mind - to realize that it is me as the alternate version of me within my mind - in an alternate reality wanting to take it easy,  fearing any difficulty - and getting a 'positive energy experience from it' -  not wanting to face the  reality that this world is based on consequence and one day it will catch up on me and i will have to take self-responsibility anyway, so start here and walk- do  whatever it takes to birth me here as life - and life is birthed here forevermore

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