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Tao of Food Preparation Recipes
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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Solution Blueprint 2 weeks : 'Late or Procrastination' Character: Day 175: Update: List of Tasks : Start of Part 2


This is the end of the 2 weeks in my solution blueprint. I have found out so much about who i am as the 'late or procrastination' character:

I am now doing my assignment daily and will carry out to completion.

So, to support myself in doing the many tasks that need to be done in birthing me here as life, I am doing a daily, weekly  and monthly task allocation and recording them in a calendar.

I am in this blog, taking you to have a peep into a 'part of my life' - my daily tasks list.

I will continue blogging about my process and do a blog about the thoughts , imagination , backchat  and reaction dimensions etc. of the 'late or procrastination' character using self-forgiveness and commitment to correction - within self-corrective application.

Here are the list of tasks that i directed myself to do (i will look as i go and update as i go breath by breath):
1. Assisting the body daily:
* having a shower
* stretches - finding out what movements assist the body
* self-massage
* writing down what food i eat daily to see who i am within my food choices
2. Doing my assignments to be effective in living life practically
* Agreement Course
* Nutrition Course
3.Developing the business we have to support my survival within money and stand within my allocation point - which is nutrition - in this world:
*Completing what needs to be done - documents, money and finance
*Communicating with the potential client or existing clients
4.Walking with Team Life in birthing LIFE in the physical
*Reading Supporting Blogs:
 -Journey To Life
-The Creation of Heaven and Earth
-Establishing A World That Truly honors Life
* Doing Things That will assist the team
 - Blogging or writing about my life to discover how i created me and using self-forgiveness and self-corrective application to correct myself and birth me here as life
 - Video of me in my process to assist all as me in their process
 -Rating blogs that support the stopping of the mind and the birthing of life on earth
 -Update social networks and sites to post blogs and vlogs to assist others in their process
 5. Positioning myself within my allocation point in Life where i can assist others as me
 *Making blogs about food and nutrition
  *Giving Commonsense Cooking classes in the clubhouse
   -Making Posters
   -Distributing Fliers done with my partner
     >updating and correcting the redefining food websites
     > www.redefiningrawfood.wordpress.com
     > www.redefininginternationalcuisine.wordpress.com
     > www.redefiningvegetariancooking.wordpress.com
     > www.redefiningvegancooking.wordpress.com
     > www.redefiningbreatharianism.wordpress.com
6. Assisting the physical universe
*Cleaning the house
 -doing dishes
 -sweeping the floor
 -mopping the floor
 -cleaning the bathroom
 - cleaning the shower
 -doing laundry
*Making sure the car is cleaned
6. Assisting the Animals
 - making sure the birds have water and birdfeed in the porch
7. Assisting Plants
 - making a compost and assisting in watering plants in the communal garden
8.Supporting My Agreement with My Partner:
* Physical interaction
 - blogs in stopping the mind as desire etc.- seeing who am i within sex, what am i within sex and why am i within sex
9. Transcription of Interviews for a text perspective about how nature, man, and animals co - exist based on equal and one standing with/as the physical and create heaven into/as earth: Selected Interviews from the Eqafe Store and from the list below (all are assisting)
The Animal Interviews:
The Anu Interviews
The Beginner's Thoughts, Writings and Self-forgiveness
The Quantum Mind Series
10. Learning how to drive
*Practical practice with my partner
*Theoretical Study

In Part 2, i will look at how i created this character so i will look at the problem- reaction -solution and the manifestation of the solution in the physical.

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