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Monday, October 1, 2012

Solution Blueprint Update: Assignments: Realizations: 12th Day: Day 173: SF Oct 1 2012




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I started doing a solution blueprint for the 'late or procrastination' character - for me to have a look at what i am doing in separating myself from the task at hand and time itself - and instead go within my mind and do other tasks that i desire to do creating a positive out of an initial negative - when i am bored and sleepy.

In my solution blueprint - where i jot down daily what i was doing on a daily basis, i found out that the mind gets in the way of me applying myself practically in doing my DIP assignments daily - where i would automatically think about things i have to do and stand up and do it - leaving my assignment unfinished .What i found is working is really applying me in the physical writing and doing my assignment and not giving in to the mind, so i am doing my assignment daily.

I started initially by starting my day doing my assignment but then there's a time when there were other tasks that needs to be done early on the day - so then i started doing these tasks  instead of my assignment and pushed my doing my assignment later in the day - whenever i have time - but making sure i do it - but i forget if i have done it or not. So within this, there is the 'unknowing' character - as i play this one when i try to get out of taking self-responsibility.

I asked myself a question - did i do my assignment today? and the answer is - I am sure i did but i cannot remember when, and then i go into a sense of being overwhelmed. So, here i can see that i am being overwhelmed when i am not here as breath doing my assignment. This is clearly me as the mind character - the 'overwhelmed' character.

I have looked at this character - but i have not blogged about it.

I realised it is not just doing the assignment but BEING HERE AS BREATH WHEN DOING IT.

These are points i will direct in blogs to come:

*Redefine the Word Time
*Blog about Unkowing and my experience as the mind character within that and correct myself  and birth me as the real character as the breath in every moment here
*Blog about being overwhelmed and my experience as the mind character within that and correct myself and birth me as the real character as the breath in every moment here.
*Redefine The Word Assignment
*Look at how i charged the word 'here'

So, i am also writing down the task that i will do for the day and instead of me writing a to do list or not writing one - which i tried before, i am writing down the amount of time i allocate for each task that i do daily - but i will not hold myself to the time i scheduled daily and will not restrict me to do other tasks when i am finished with the task..

Here is my self-forgiveness and self-commitment for this blog :

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to procrastinate - and define myself within the 'procrastination' character  - where i stop what i am doing - like making my assignment - when i think of something that i have not finished to do that i need to do - where i am hoping that in doing that task it will give me a positive experience - with the thought that i actually finished something- leaving the task i have to do unfinished and sometimes forgotten -when i come back to the task that i was doing - not realising that this character i  have given life to for a long time - and so i am directing myself to stop and physically assist myself to do it. Clearly, this is me as the mind, directing me to do any task that i think about, react, imagine etc.

I commit myself to when and as i see myself procrastinating and defining myself within the 'procrastination' character - where i become bored and sleepy when i do not clearly understand what is being conveyed in the assignment - I ask myself what word i do not understand and assist myself to be patient with me to really assist me to look up the meaning of the word or symbols or numbers  and redefine it to something i can live as my expression - based on who i am as equal to all parts of life.

I commit myself to put the assignment  within and as myself and see who am i within this assignment - what am i in doing this assignment and why am i doing what i am doing in making my assignment

I commit myself to when and as i feel sleepy and bored and having a mental blank -when i am making my assignment  i stop - i breathe and say, 'I am here'. I clap 2x to wake myself up and stand up and splash water on my face  or take a shower - whichever is practical to wake me up - then assist myself to get back in front of the computer and finish what i am doing.

I realise that when i am not doing my assignment or when i procrastinate - i think about those unfinished tasks during the week and become overwhelmed when thoughts come up about doing and finishing the task - so i commit myself to assist myself to be intimate with me as who i am as breath here - as the physical sensation of what i do - as the movement of my physical body - as the presence of who i really am - and to instead of entertaining thoughts, backchats, reactions, pictures, sounds, or desiring to finish an unfinished task in the past - to tell myself to stop - and tell myself that i will put that in my list of tasks to finish - allocate time to do it  - and finish what i am doing in that moment - and if there is a 'call of nature' that i really need to do something to assist the body or the physical existence, i tell myself to stop and tell myself to start another task - and to slow myself down and not be caught up in that - where whatever i see i connect to something that i have not done - to not do that - to instead finish that part of the assignment i am working on according to the time i allocated for that task - breath by breath.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to fear being controlled when doing an assignment - because i do not like sitting and doing the same thing for a long time and so desires freedom by doing something else - where i have thoughts of getting some nuts/fruits, sweeping the floor, folding the clothes, preparing food etc. - and entertain me as the mind - and imagine that i will feel good by getting up of the chair for a minute - creating an alternate reality within/as my mind where i imagine and think about things i can do to make me happy separating me from the task at hand  - and time - desiring to get up and do something else - justifying it by saying 'i can do my assignment later after i feel better' which is from fear of control - not realising this is me as the mind character that i am giving life to and not who i really am as the real character - equal to the task at hand and the accumulation of my breaths here as time.

I commit myself to stop the fear of being controlled when doing my assignment - and stop the memories as pictures, desires etc. - within and as myself and let go of the the separation within my mind where the task at hand becomes a negative experience and desiring  another activity or task for a positive energy experience and assist myself to bring the task within and as myself - and express me within the task and whatever i create within that practical movement breath by breath as freedom as who i am here in my expression.

I Had A look At The Things I Have To Do Daily and In The Next Blogs I Will Come Up With The List of Things I Have To Do Daily, as My Daily tasks!

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