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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

2012: Ethics Blog: Redefining The Word Etiquette Part 1 Day 31

What is Etiquette?

I wrote a blog about Farts in my previous blog which talked about etiquette, so i am looking at the definition of the word 'etiquette' in this blog.

According to Wikipedia,
Etiquette (play /ˈɛtɨkɛt/ or /ˈɛtɨkɪt/, French: [e.ti.kɛt]) is a code of behavior that delineates expectations for social behavior according to contemporary conventional norms within a society, social class, or group.

The definition is based on an ego-personality perspective - as one sees the other as more than or less than who one is. The basis of social behavior is usually what is agreed upon by the group - as to what is believed to be right or wrong. This is a judgment based on a belief about who the personality is and who other personalities are (in separation from each other) - and what behaviors will make everyone feel good. We created this in our mind. We compare, judge and get jealous. We compete with one another - to be popular or well liked by others.

We control our behavior - which are bodily movements - that are real - in favor of what the mind thinks or judge the behavior to be  - which is not real as it is mind created. It has no real physical existence.
 Living this, we will experience a life full of competition and suffering. This is what we have now in this current monetary system. We can see that the world is in a mess after many years of living this definition. This is proof that this is not a definition we can live - this will not be the best for all of us here. So,  I am directing this point here.

I will redefine this word from the starting point of what is best for all - based on the principle that we are one and equal as all life - because we are all made from the same substance all are made of. - and redefine the word - where in this new definition - we can live the word practically to be what is best for all - as the living word.

Redefining the word Etiquette:
Etiquette: (E-nergy t-icket) Energy participation within what feels good, looks good, what will make more money to survive as the ego-personality becomes the ticket - to be accepted by the society or ticket for one to belong to a group - one has separated from. So, the code of behavior that talks about how one is expected to behave socially according to what is agreed upon by personality systems based on judgments, beliefs etc.- and seeing that this is not what is best for all - one recreate oneself to stand, speak, write and act in a way that will benefit all - as what is best for all life, as one knows it will also benefit oneself - and makes this the basis for socially accepted behavior.

It is time to investigate self ,get perspective about our origins - and assist in creating a world that truly honors life.

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