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Sunday, May 6, 2012

2012: Redefining a HUG : "Can I Have A Hug? " Part 1 Day 22

Can i have a hug?

What is a hug?
Wikipedia  defines a hug :

hug is a near universal form of physical intimacy, in which two people put their arms around the neck, back, or waist of one another and hold each other closely. 
Redefining a hug:
A hug is when one put ones arms around the neck, back or waist of another and holding  each other closely as a way of giving or receiving feelings, emotions, judgment, beliefs etc. - which are created in the mind - therefore not real - so seeing this - understands that a hug is real - as it is a physical expression of and/as the body - realizing that the body is equal to all that exist - as it came from the same substance all are made of. 

Last week, I heard a knock on the door . I did not expect anyone coming that day - but I opened the door anyway. I saw the neighbor standing outside the door. I said "hi. What's up?" , then he said "can I have a hug?" with hands outstretched . The day before my partner, LP told me he also asked him for a hug and then cried. I am looking at a memory of me wanting and needing a hug and will attend events to get to mingle with people to give and receive hugs - which i connected to giving and receiving 'love' - that made me feel good when I received a hug which I connected to 'being loved'.
I would like to direct this point in this blog - by writing self- forgiviness statements and correct myself by writing self- commitments.
Self- forgiveness and Self -commitment:
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that hugs - are an expression of love - as feelings - done to give or receive affection - not realizing that hugs are real but love as a feeling is not real - as I created it in my mind - and so my believing it and manifesting this belief is abusing the physical - as when we do this, we are getting energy from the physical and using the physical substance to fuel mind energy.

Witin this, I commit to - through writing self forgiveness and self commitment - expose my beliefs and how I connected what is real to what is not real - and within this, i commit to expose the personality systems in this world - that's created based on this same point - as all 'love' relationships that ends in marriage or sex.

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