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Saturday, May 26, 2012

2012 : The Female Personality: Redefining the Word 'Favorite' Day 43

In Part 1 of my female personality blog, i wrote about how i interpreted what i saw in my family and how i  experienced myself as-  in relation to a boy in the elementary grades who is always my partner in dance presentations. In this blog i will look at a word that came up in that blog - 'FAVORITE' - which i gave a positive  meaning to - where i lived this word in my life - trying to be the favorite of every family member, every teacher i had, every man i meet. I realized this is not who i really am - this is me as the 'I am the favorite' ego-personality - which i defined into creation - i am living the definition of a word. This is based  from FEAR of not being a favorite or fear of being normal. 

So,rather than FEAR directing me, i am directing self as self here, i am redefining the word 'favorite' and give it meaning that i can live as me as who i am as life - equal to all that exist.Then, i will live that definition - where i commit to - when and as i see myself talking and fearing of not being a favorite, an example would be - desiring to succeed, desiring to be the best at work, at home etc. i will stop and breathe and realize this is the mind - and direct myself to stop - as this is not what is best for me - because i will be stressed all the time if i do this and this is not best for all because i will support personality systems like competition to be the best politician etc. - which is how i create this world into a mess. I stop.

The dictionary defines the word 'favorite as:
a person or thing regarded with special favor or preference
Redefining the word 'Favorite':
(Favor- I -to exist as Ego-personality ) a person or thing - perceived separate from oneself - regarded with special favor or preference as a judgment that that person or thing is more than oneself and self as less than oneself - so regarding that person or thing with special favor or preference - realizes within ones process of self-perfection that one is equal to all that exist - as all are made from the same substance all are made of - so regarding a person or thing as equal - and prefers that person or thing that manifest or express that reality - from the starting point of what is best for all.

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