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Friday, May 11, 2012

2012: Movement Blog: Living or Non Living? The Computer is Equal to All That Exist: 'I am Alive' Personality Day 27

I woke up earlier than my partner today, so since his computer is near the bed, i used his computer. When he woke up he said, "i will do my blog today, will you use your computer?"  I looked at what he said and it made me realize that we enslave computers as if humans are the only ones that have the right to exist in this world - where we glorify living things as the king of the earth - a judgment where we see living things as more than non-living things - as the computer. We see them as something we own - like a slave. While we are resisting enslavement - we are participating in enslaving non-living things - like the computer - as the 'I am Alive'  personality -  I would like to direct this point in this blog using self-forgiveness and self-commitment.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to believe that i am alive because my limbs move and those forms that do not move - such as the computer, as non-living.- as i identify as the personality defined by the polarity of movement or no movement - visible to the naked eye - not realizing that it is my  limited perception as the personality that limits my understanding of what is living and not living - as i have defined me within beliefs, judgments etc. - where i fail to see what is here, as what is - not realizing that all forms, moving or not moving - are made from the same substance all are made of - and is equal to all that exist. 
So within this, i commit to through writing self-forgiveness and correcting myself in every moment - until i stop all personality systems i support - enslaving the computer and all non-living things and judging them as less than oneself and judging living things (moving forms) as more than oneself - stop. Within this , i commit to expose all abuses done to computers and non-living things by myself and others as me - and within this, i commit to assist in birthing a new world based on equality.

 The computer industry manufacturing computers for profit. 

The people using the computer to advertise abuse of the physical body through pornography
to earn money 

The people who abuse the computer  by supporting war

The people who use the computer to form relationships with people who use mind energy to give life to the ego-personality - within thoughts, emotions, feelings -  judgments, justifications, ideas, opinions, blame, polarity, beliefs about good and bad, right and wrong, positive and negative
The people who use the computer to advertise abuse of plants, animals, children, women, the earth, water, food (and all life forms - moving or not moving) etc.

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