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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

2012 Family Blog: Martyrdom: Mother/Father/Daughter/Son Self-forgiveness Part 6 Day 19

I have observed mothers/fathers who have the martyr mother/father personality - who gives the children financial support and gifts - where the mother's/father's process of self-perfection is pushed aside in favor of pleasing the child and using that to give value to oneself - as one judge oneself as less than the child - and so the giving is done to make oneself have more value. The same with daughters/sons - where the daughter/son judge oneself as less than oneself and depends on the gifts from the mother/father to be more than oneself as one place value to the gift - as one believes the gifts as having more value than oneself - pushing aside one's process of self-perfection - not realizing that the only real value is in birthing oneself as life - and assisting each other in creating a world that is what is best for all life.
In this blog i will do self-forgiveness for/as all mothers/fathers/daughters/sons who have this point - using self-forgiveness and self-correction - within writing my self-commitment

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to judge myself as less than myself - as a mother/father/daughter/son personality - having less value and judge gifts and money as having more value - so exist as a giving personality - supporting personality systems based on giving as the chritable institutions - not realizing that real giving in this current monetary system is not enough - and that real giving is assisting in establishing a new system where money will be given value equal to life - so all life will not fear not having money ever again - thus, will not be driven by money - rather, in an equal monetary system, mothers/fathers/daughters/sons can express self as equals in a new world that support all life equally.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to believe that i,  as the mother/father/daughter/son ego-personality - defined by beliefs, judgments etc - is real -  supporting personality systems - creating heroes and martyrdom - which are based on judgments - not realizing that i am here in every moment as self- able to stop my mind -within thoughts, feelings and emotions - and able to self-direct in every moment of breath 

I commit to when i see myself judging myself as mother/father/daughter/son - as less than oneself - i stop - i breathe. I direct myself to change my starting point from a mother/daughter/father/son ego-personality to a starting point of/as self - equal to all that is here - where i look at what will bring the best possible outcome to everyone and everything involved in the decision  am taking. 

I commit to when i believe that  i as the mother/father/daughter/son personality is real - i stop - i breathe and realise that i as the self is here in every moment of breath - able to stop the energetics as the ego-personality - and able to self-direct me in every moment of breath and birth me here as self as life .

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