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Friday, May 18, 2012

2012: Word Blog: Redefining the Word Crap Part 2 Day 34

The Meaning of the Word 'Crap'

In Part 1, i did self-forgiveness for judging crap/feces as less than me and me more than the feces/crap. I realized i am equal to all that exist because all are made from the same substance all are made of . In this blog, i am redefining the word 'crap'.

According to Wikipedia, 'Crap' is a slang word for feces, also used to describe something substandard

This meaning is coming from the ego-personality - perceiving itself separate from all life. Living this word as the ego-personality will be me existing in judgments so I am redefining the word to a word that i can live as me - as an expression of who i really am as life - equal to all that is here.

Redefining the word Crap:
Crap - is a word used to hide the judgment one does to the feces within what is socially acceptable - as it is seen as less than oneself because it smells bad or because it comes from the anus  and through commonsense realise that the feces is equal to all that exist as it is made of the same substance all are made of and so equalize the word crap with/as who one is, in one's use of word as the living word.

It is also worth mentioning that the feces fertilizes the soil for a new plant to grow - which supports our body to survive.

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