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Monday, May 21, 2012

2012: Redefining the Word 'SALES' Day 39

 Part 1
Part 2
 What is Sales?

I had been doing some sales lately, so i want to redefine sales - because in the past i had separated myself from the word sales as the ego-personality - and so did some actions and spoke with people - who i perceived separate from me. I will now face who i have become and correct myself within my process of self-perfection.

Sales according to Wikipedia is
transfer of property for money or credit.
Redefining SALES:

From a Mind Definition
(S- ee - A-ll L-ies ) the ego-personality existing in separation from all that exist -  where a product/service is being exchanged for money or credit - so the individual or the group can survive-  where money and credit is given value more than life and the individual is given value less than life - and the product or service being exchanged as more than  life - where one is lying about who one really is by - identifying as the limited ego-personality defined by survival - perceived separate from the product/service/money/credit/functions/company etc.

Through the process of self-perfection - realizes that one is equal to all that exist.

Redefines the word 'SALES' To a Definition that is Mutually Beneficial to All:

(S-elf as AL-l in E-xchange of S-ervices)- one stands as equal to/as the product/service  and money (as it is a part of life) being exchanged  - and transfers or exchanges products/services for money/credit- as self - and conducts ones functions in/as the company  - assisting in creating a new world that truly honors life based on equality - where self can express oneself as life  standing for what is best for all.

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