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Tao of Food Preparation Recipes
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Thursday, May 24, 2012

2012: Science Blog: Redefining the Word 'Stress': Part 1 Day 42

Reference for Redefining Words:

From Wikipedia :
Stress typically describes a negative concept that can have an impact on one’s mental and physical well-being, but it is unclear what exactly defines stress and whether or not stress is a cause, an effect, or the process connecting the two.

Redefining the Word 'Stress':
(S-elf Tress-passed) it describes a negative concept (as in positive and negative polarity mind created reality) that can have an impact on one's way of seeing and experiencing things as the mind and manifesting it in the physical - as one identifies as the ego-personality perceived separate from all life - and within that limited definition of oneself  - self as substance is being pushed aside in favor of the mind - where one does not stand as who one is - in constant pursuit for survival in separation from all that exist - believing, judging etc.- and realizes within ones process of self-perfection that one is equal to all that exist - because all are made from the same substance all are made of - sees the negative concept as a way to assist oneself to stop the mind and pushes oneself to stand as self in every moment of breath - looking, standing, changing, stopping and applying oneself again and again until life is birthed here in the physical and is here forevermore.

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