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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Food: The Story of The Siopao, Chinese Noodles, Nature and The Elephant Day 149 Part 9 Day 7

Vegetarian Siopao


 Siopao, Me, Nature and the Elephant

My friend put this in my Fb wall today - so i willl direct this point here using self-forgiveness and commitment to correction - for what is best for all

Creation's Journey To lLfe Blog
The Quantum Elephant

The Story

The Mind Food Character's Narrative 

Stopping the Mind
Using Self-forgiveness and Self-Correction 
Taking Self-responsibility For What I Created In My Mind as My 'Within'
 and the World system 'Without

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to - separate myself from the physical by having a relationship with my mind - where i can act out many mind characters that suit every occassion - so having a look at this video - where i invited my friend 'Aruni' - a Filipino yogi friend - to taste the food that i made - siopao - which is a steamed bun with vegetable filling -telling him to not show the doughy part of the video because i judged that as less than myself - defining myself within the 'judging siopao dough as less than me' character - believing that if i make a doughy siopao i will be judged by the youtube cooks as not a good cook- defining myself within the 'fear of not being a good cook - critizicing' character - where i have fear of being criticized - defining myself within the ' fear of being critisized - siopao dough' character -


 believing that a perfect siopao has a lot of fillings and little dough - defining myself within the 'little dough is good- siopao - i know' character -where i judged  myself as not good enough in making doughs - believing that if others know that the siopao has more dough than filling i will be judged as  a 'not so good cook' - so i 'd rather hide the imperfections - defining myself within the 'hiding imperfections - siopao dough' character - so letting my friend taste my food and knowing he liked it - to shot it on video so that he can compliment me and say 'i am a good cook' and video him complimenting me - defining myself within the 'siopao - dishonest' character - where i shoot a video of it so that i can have a video of how my friend likes my cooking - defining myself within the 'show the opposite - dishonest' character - where what i fear - being judged and criticized by others - i also do to others - judging and criticizing siopao cooked by others and judging the dough as good or not depending on the thickness of the dough versus the filling - defining myself within the 'i fear my dishonesty - mirrored by others - dishonest' character - where in having a desire for a compliment  i separate myself from what is here by going within my mind - in fearing to be criticized by others and criticizing food cooked by others i separate myself from what is here by going within my mind - in judging the siopao as less than me and essentially me more than the siopao - i separate myself from what is here by going within my mind- in fearing  not having friends who like my food i separate myself from what is here by going within my mind - in fearing not having the 'youtube' community recognize me as a good cook i separate myself from what is here by going within my mind - in an alternate reality where i am an alternate version of me - and manifesting those desire and fear in the physical to make it look like it is real - but it isn't - i become an animated illusion - abdicating who i am as the real character - as flesh - as blood - as the body

- where looking at the food items -i did not bring the food items here -  the flour, the yeast and the sugar in the dough -the vegetarian mock duck, the vegetarian ham, soy sauce, cumin, anise, cinnamon, sugar, oil, celery, cabbage and water - as equal to my expression - as i see them through my mind - and never as what they are - made from the same substance i am made of - as all are made of - equal to my expression as who i really am - standing as equal to the food

looking at the flour used in the siopao - that came from the wheat plant - where the wheat was planted in the land that is part of/as nature - the land being made from the same substance - i am made of - as all are made of - harvested from the land by people who want to cook food and show off to others how good they are - as i am - in cooking - and posting youtube videos to make it known to everyone that - they, as chefs or home cooks - are good cooks - similar to what i did

- so as i  participate in my mind 'within' - i also create this world system in my 'without' - so as i as all do it we together create this world system based on inequality - where plants and animals are slaughtered for food and profit - within self-interest - not realizing that we can assist in creating a new system based on equality where animals and plants will not be slaughtered for profit - and all will be able to live in a world that truly honors life based on equality.

and let's have a look at when we eat siopao - we eat it with mami or a noodle soup where we can opt to use spork and spoon or 'ivory chopstick' - coming from the tusk of the elephant which was cut off from the body of the elephants to be sold for money. Money is being used to express inequality among man and animals - not really being given value equal to life itself.

Elephant tusks made into Ivory Chopsticks 

 - and looking at my childhood where i go to this restaurant in the Philippines called Mamonluk - who serves siopao and mami (chinese noodles) - where when my mom ask me where i would like to eat i tell him i like to eat in this restaurant in the city - where the taste of mami (chinese noodles) and siopao - quench my desire for food - where i use mami and siopao  to satisfy my desire for tasty food - defining myself within the 'i like tasty siopao- food- happiness' character - where i separate myself from what is here - within that desire for siopao and mami within my mind - as the mind character fearing not being given mami and siopao - where i feel sad without being given the tasty food that i want - defining myself within the 'fear of being sad - no mami and siopao - no tasty food' character - where i get positive energy experience from eating siopao and mami at the chinese restaurant - where i have stored pictures of mami and siopao within my mind - where when i hear mami and siopao - the picture of me eating siopao and mami in Mamonluk restaurant in the Philippines - comes up in my mind - and manifests in the physical where my mouth salivates- where i animate an illusion  - and where i instead let the mind decide for the body rather than the body deciding for itself.
Stopping The Mind Story
Stopping The Mind Chatter

Not Participating In The Narrative of The Mind Character 
To Birth me Here As Life

I commit myself to when and as i see myself desiring others to like the food that i cook -coming from 'fear of others not liking my food - sadness' character-  i stop - i breathe. I realise that i created this within/as my mind - desiring happiness - from the starting point of 'fear of being sad' - 'fear of not being liked' -  'fear of not having anyone to validate my existence' -and 'fear of being criticized by others' - which is actually what i do - where i also desire to criticize others and desire to judge them as 'not so good' cook when i see that the sioapao or food they cooked is not according to what i judged as good - according to knowledge and information - i heard or have seen - based from beliefs - to instead of me following my fears within and as myself - and the whole mind narrative above of the mind character that is an alternate version of me in an alternate reality within my mind - to assit myself to bring myself back here -as the physical/body - assist myself to work with the body and let the body decide which food is needed by the body to sustain itself and trusting that - not believing in outrageous claims about food - but standing as equal to the food - and seeing how it responds to it -and when and as i see myself asking compliments from my friends - desiring happiness from being complimented -i stop - i breathe  - and realize that i am here - equal to the same substance all are made of - so doing a video from the starting point of desiring compliment from my friend and likes from youtube audience within/as my mind to satisfy that desire - which comes from fear of not being liked - and developing a relationship with my mind 'within' and supporting this unequal monetary system where animals and plants are slaughtered for profit - which is supporting self-interest - and is not best for nature, the animals, the elephant, the plants and not best for humans and not best for me because i will be busy hearing the noise in my head from all the desires and fears i created - which is essentially not best for  all - but rather based from self-interest - so rather than having fear and desire - i direct myself to walk out of the mind and assist myself to start working with what is here within and as the body - and realise that many people complimenting who i am will not change my experience of who i am and what i am - only i can change my experience of who i am and what i am by accepting and allowing myself to direct myself as life - so directing the mind narrative and change it to a narrative that is aligned it to what is best for all - and to assist the establishment of a world based on equality - and only accept that which is best for all - giving value equal to life - to the elephant, nature, money, food and humans - to/ as all.

I commit myself to delete the memories as  pictures as desires etc. within and as myself and let go of the separation as desires, beliefs etc. within/as myself and walk out of the noise in the mind created by all the characters to hear what is here - as the physical breath by breath moment by moment.
21 Days Breathing

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