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Tao of Food Preparation Recipes
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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

21 Days Breathing: Solution Blueprint : Food, Plantain, Blogs and The Body JTL Day 151 Sept 11, 2012 21 Days Breathing Part 10 Day 8


21 Days Breathing
Daily Blogs

Solution Blueprint
'Late' Character

Sept 11, 2012

To Do Breath by Breath

/Call school of Nutrition
/Write Yesterday's Routine
/Stretching  postures - with breath here
/Massage self -with breath here - as i  massage my body
/Delete Redefining Group - 10 each
xMake additional cheesecakes * decided not to as i see the commonsense of doing it the day after i deliver as i still have enough cheesecakes to deliver for this week

/Blog * did 2 Blogs :
The Story of Nature, Siopao, Chinese Noodles, the Elephant
Solution Blueprint2 'Late' Character Sept 10, 2012
/Assignment* corrected Part 1 and 2 emailed
Read Journey to Life Blogs:
Interview Listened To:
/Listen to Quantum Mind Part 5
Vegetarian Class For This Month
xMake Poster for Vegetarian Class
/JTL Vlog *Done Updated

/Sweep The Floor
Did not eat out
/Food I made and ate at home:
Half a plantain cooked
/3 raw cinnamon raisin bread 2/12 by 2 inches with raisins
/ *Raw Beet Coconut Thai Soup 1/4 c Dehydrated to warm a bit

***I started doing the self-forgiveness for the 'late' character points i saw today - but is not finished yet.
The self-forgiveness is about 'fear of being late and wanting to be early'.

* I started the day without a list - did the to do list by midday - that was a bit of a challenge
* Correcting Myself as I Go

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