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Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Body: Whispering To Each Other and Hugging Day 139 The 'Happiness as Whispering and Hugging' Character


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Backchats: The Subconscious Mind

Stopping The Subconscious Mind

Self-forgiveness for Backchats or 'Talking in the head': 

'It must be nice to whisper sweet nothings in each other's ears while we are embracing each other under the blanket'

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to use backchat as a method to give 'whispers  while hugging a male' a positive energy charge - believing it is romantic - judging it as more than me and me less than myself - defining myself within the 'whispers while hugging' character.

Self Correction Script:

I realise that hugging is  an expression as the physical - as the body-  that involves  the physical/substance/body of one and that of another as oneself to interact - as an expression of hereness - as awareness - as oneself - and to give it a positive charge within and as my mind - where the noise i create within/as my mind stops me from seeing what is here as who i really am - as the breath in that moment, the  physical sensations and movement of each muscle,  each cell, the movement of the blood etc. - unaware of me as the physical/body - experiencing the noise in my mind is - a crime of self interest and not what is best for all - as the here expression of me as all - interacting with/as me-  and whispering as a physical expression of the hereness of me as that expression here - when all of me - as the blood - as the blood - as the cells - are interacting with me/as me as the breath - where in that moment i am aware of that - as all - 'orgasmic' as that physical expression - when that physical hereness expression is  given a positive charge  - to experience the 'moreness of me' - which is created within/as my mind - in an alternate reality - as an alternate version of me as a mind character unaware of me as all - unaware of who i am as self as all - becomes a crime - a crime that everyone in existence suffers the consequence of - as this current world system -where each mind character - unaware of oneself as the physical/body -' stressed' as it competes with another - for that positive energy experience within/as the mind - perceived separate from all-  is a crime of humanity of/as self-interest.This is not what is best for all.

I commit myself to - when and as i see myself using backchat as a method to give 'whispers and hugging a male' a positive energy charge - i stop - i breathe. I slow myself down and be aware of me as the breath - be aware of the movement of each muscle - i bring myself back here and stomp my feet, saying 'i am here '. I commit to accepting and allowing only that which is best for all.

I commit myself to step out of this mind character -  to delete the presence of memory as character - as pictures, desires etc. within/as my mind and let go of the separation - as desires, pictures within/as myself - and birth me as the real character - as the flesh- as the blood - as the physical/body - standing with the physical in every breath that i take.

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